Move-In Checklist



Read on for a list of what you should bring with you, what's included in your room and what you should definitely leave at home.

What should you bring?

After receiving your room assignment, you will want to contact your roommate and discuss what each of you plan to bring. Decide who will bring large items such as the TV, carpet, etc. Will one of you bring a small refrigerator (or renting one)?

Note: Some homeowners insurance policies do not cover residence hall belongings. Check your policy or consider purchasing renters insurance for coverage.

What's included in your room?

Your room will have desks with drawers, desk chairs, beds with an extra-long twin mattress, blinds, locking closets, a wireless internet connection, a smoke detector and a wastebasket.

Hall pages have specific information on room layouts, furniture types and dimensions. We do not have room diagrams for every room available.

    Want to make Move-In easier?




    • Your i-card (for meal plan and building access)
    • Key ring/wallet for keys and i-card
    • A cart or dolly to expedite your move-in process


    • Pillow(s)
    • Comforter or bedspread
    • Blankets
    • Mattress pad or protector (for extra-long twin bed)
    • Alarm clock (as a backup to your phone)
    • One or two sets of sheets measuring 36” x 80” for extra-long twin beds (two for when one is in the laundry)


    • Clothing for warm and cold weather. Illinois winters can be very COLD! Storing seasonal clothing at home is recommended.
    • Swimsuit or other athletic clothing
    • Umbrella, rain gear (jacket, poncho, rain boots)
    • Clothes hangers
    • Laundry basket or bag
    • High-efficiency (HE) laundry detergent; liquid, powder or pods. (Find more laundry Information here.)
    • Shoe rack/hanging storage


    • Non-halogen desk, floor or bedside lamp
    • Consider purchasing LED or compact fluorescent bulbs.
    • Two power strips with a 15-amp circuit breaker. (All power strips must be UL-approved with a heavy cord and three-prong grounding.)
    • Computer, power cord and accessories. If you are bringing a laptop, you should also consider a laptop cable lock.
    • Headphones
    • Office supplies


    • Bathrobe, shower shoes or sandals, shower cap
    • Small bucket or water-resistant caddy for carrying toiletries
    • Towels and washcloths
    • Toiletries (shampoo and conditioner, soap, shaving cream, hand/body lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste, contacts, etc.)
    • Hair dryer or styling tools


    • Room decorations: posters, artwork, photos of loved ones
    • Poster putty, painter’s tape or command strips for hanging up decorations — no masking tape or scotch tape on wood or painted surfaces
    • Small microwave, 800 watts or less (one per room)
    • Small refrigerator — one per room, no more than 4.4 cubic feet and Energy Star certified. (Combo appliances are available for rent. Note: Sherman and Daniels already come with combo appliances.)
    • Smart TV
    • Video game console (check-out games from the libraries!)
    • Throw rug or carpet samples (recommend 5’x 8’)
      • (Note: Busey-Evans and Daniels are already carpeted.)


    • Coffee mug, drinking cups, dishes and utensils for snacks
    • Electric coffee or tea maker
    • Assorted plastic containers with tight lids for storing snacks, detergent or other items
    • Bike and U-shaped lock, rollerblades or other “green” transportation. (Deter theft and register your bike here.)
    • Emergency kit (flashlight, batteries, bottled water, first-aid kit, etc.)
    • Mirror with over-door hooks
    • Crates or stacking containers
    • Fan (box or window fans are recommended in non-air-conditioned residence halls)
    • Reading pillow for your bed
    • Paper towels and basic cleaning supplies
    • Dish soap and sponges
    • Hand vacuum
    • Air freshener
    • Sewing kit, scissors, safety pins
    • Personal sports/recreation equipment
    • Cell phone/charger

      ⛔ DO NOT BRING ⛔

    • Wireless hub (the default configuration of most wireless routers interferes with the internet connectivity of rooms around you)
    • Halogen lamps or halogen bulbs of any kind
    • Hotplate, skillet, toaster, toaster oven, rice cooker, George Foreman Grill, air fryer or similar cooking or high wattage appliances with exposed heating elements
    • Air conditioner, electric or space heater
    • Rolls of quarters. (The cost of laundry is included in your room cost.)
    • Pets (except fish)
    • Candles (for lighting, decoration, smudging, or any other use), kerosene heater, incense, scent pot burners or other fire hazards
    • Nail picture hangers (no nails or thumbtacks in woodwork or walls)
    • Residents are not allowed to modify their room or furniture. This includes building lofts, room dividers, furniture modifications, etc.
    • Alcohol (even empty, decorative bottles)
    • Your own mattress
    • Vehicles. (Parking on campus is extremely limited. Visit Campus Parking to learn more and apply for a permit.)
    • Hoverboards, electric scooters, or other powered personal transportation devices (not allowed in any campus buildings)
    • Extension cords

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