Apartment Resident Handbook

Family & Graduate Housing is pleased you have chosen to live with us. We hope you enjoy your new home and find our community to be a friendly and exciting place to live. Our services and programs are designed to help you make the most of your time with us.

This handbook will acquaint you with the many programs and services available in Family & Graduate Housing and the surrounding community. Participating in our events and activities is a great way to meet your neighbors and expand your experiences. Our policies and procedures are also included. This book does not replace the terms and conditions of your lease, which you can refer to for additional lease questions.

Handbook Contents

    Nondiscrimination Policy

    The commitment of the University of Illinois to the most fundamental principles of academic freedom, equality of opportunity and human dignity requires that decisions involving students and employees be based on individual merit and be free from invidious discrimination in all its forms. It is the policy of the university not to engage in discrimination or harassment against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, disability, national origin, citizenship status, ancestry, age, order of protection status, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation including gender identity, arrest record status, unfavorable discharge from the military or status as a protected veteran and to comply with all federal and state nondiscrimination, equal opportunity and affirmative action laws, orders and regulations. This nondiscrimination policy applies to admissions, employment, and access to and treatment in the university’s programs and activities. Complaints of invidious discrimination prohibited by university policy are to be resolved within existing university procedures. For additional information on the equal opportunity, affirmative action and harassment policies of the university, contact the Office of Diversity, Equity and Access (ODEA). For additional information on Title IX, ADA or 504, contact the Title IX Coordinator at the Title IX and Disability Office.

    - Illinois Student Code, 1-108(a)-(d)

    Sexual Misconduct Policy

    The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is committed to providing a safe and welcoming campus environment free from discrimination based on sex, which includes sexual assault, sexual exploitation, stalking, sexual harassment, dating violence and domestic violence (collectively referred to as sexual misconduct). The university prohibits and will not tolerate sexual misconduct because such behavior violates the university’s institutional values, adversely impacts the university’s community interest, and interferes with the university’s mission. The university also prohibits retaliation against any person who, in good faith, reports or discloses a violation of this policy, files a complaint and/or otherwise participates in an investigation, proceeding, complaint or hearing under this policy.

    Once the university becomes aware of an incident of sexual misconduct, the university will promptly and effectively respond in a manner designed to eliminate the misconduct, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects. 

    -Illinois Student Code, 1-111(a)


    Contact Information

    Family & Graduate Housing Office
    The Family & Graduate Housing Office is open Monday–Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Staff members are available during these hours to answer leasing, billing, and programming questions. To contact the office, call 217-333-5656 or email After hours, please contact the Family & Graduate Housing on-call staff member at 217-649-7705 for assistance.

    Apartment Maintenance and Repairs Office
    University Housing is pleased to offer Family & Graduate Housing residents comprehensive maintenance service including 24-hour emergency response. A resident may contact the maintenance office with any apartment-related repairs or concerns. The procedures for contacting maintenance are slightly different for emergency and non-emergency situations, so please read the following instructions carefully. Maintenance staff must enter the apartment for annual furnace inspection and repairs at Orchard Downs and Ashton Woods apartments.

    Non-Emergency Requests

    • For any non-emergency maintenance needs, please submit a request for services online. You may also access this page from anywhere on the site by clicking the “Maintenance Request” link located at the bottom of any housing webpage. If you do not have access to a computer, you may come to the Family & Graduate Housing Office to use the lobby computer.

    Emergency Maintenance Requests

    • An emergency is defined as a life safety incident or an incident that will result in property damage. Examples of emergencies are the loss of heat in the winter months, a broken window, etc. If an emergency should occur during normal business hours, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday, please contact the Family & Graduate Housing Office at 217-333-5656. If an emergency occurs outside of normal business hours, please contact Housing Facilities Maintenance by dialing 217-333-2779. Your call will be forwarded to an on-call maintenance inspector. If asked to leave a voicemail, please speak slowly and clearly. Your call will be returned shortly by our staff on duty. Please keep in mind that the person responding to your call may be off site and may need to contact other staff members to respond to an emergency call, so it may take a minimum of 2 hours to respond.

    Overview/Move In

    Move In
    When you check in at the Family & Graduate Housing office, you are given several keys for your apartment. Do not duplicate any of these keys. All keys remain the property of the University of Illinois and must be returned when you vacate your apartment. An additional apartment key may be requested for an adult family member in an apartment without a co-tenant.

    If you lose a key or are locked out of your apartment, please follow the instructions listed in this handbook under the heading titled lockout procedures. You will also receive a mailbox label with your last or family name on it. This label needs to immediately be placed on the inside of your mailbox in order to receive mail. The post office will not deliver mail to a mailbox without this label.

    Moving Carts
    Moving carts are available to residents to help with moving large items into or out of apartments. Residents can come to the Family & Graduate Housing Office to check out a moving cart anytime during normal business hours. Due to the limited number of moving carts, please return within 24 hours. At Goodwin-Green, carts are available in the lower level of each building. In building 1107 Goodwin-Green, the carts are in storage locker number 9. In building 300 Goodwin-Green, they are in locker number 99. You can use your apartment key to access the storage area and the padlock on the designated locker.

    Card Access and Keys
    Residents without a roommate/co-tenant receive two apartment keys and two mailbox keys at check-in. Residents living in a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate/ co-tenant will receive one apartment key and one mailbox key.

    At Orchard Downs you will use your apartment key for access to the laundry buildings, computer center and study room, all located on the Orchard Downs property.

    At Goodwin-Green, the exterior doors are operated by card access. Residents will have their University Identification Card (i-card) activated as their access card. Dependents will need to obtain a University of Illinois Visitor Card to gain entry into the building. You can request a Visitor Card by completing a form in the Family & Graduate Housing Office. The dependent can then obtain an i-card from the University i-card Office, located in the Illini Union Book- store. Please notify the Family & Graduate Housing Office of the University Identification Number (UIN) when you have the card so it can be activated. You may request a temporary access card for a guest at

    If your card is not working or is lost, please contact the Family & Graduate Housing Office at 1841 Orchard Place, Urbana, or call the office at 217-333-5656, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. At all other times, contact the Daniels Hall front desk, 1010 W. Green Street, Urbana, 217-333-0464, which is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day (hours may be reduced during University holidays).


    Cable Television
    Orchard Downs and Ashton Woods apartments are equipped with a 90-channel basic cable television (TV) package. You may also order additional channels by contacting the cable company directly and paying for any additional charges. The cables provided in the apartment are the property of University Housing and must remain in the apartment when the lease ends.

    Goodwin Green apartment has basic cable television through XFINITY Streamservice in the apartment or by using a mobile application.

    For problems with cable television service, please submit a request. You can also request assistance by calling the Family & Graduate Housing office at 217-333-5656 on business days between 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

    Outside antennas and satellite dishes are not permitted.

    Computer Centers
    Computer Centers are open 24 hours a day and are operated by University Housing. Our fast computers, software library, and high-resolution laser printers can be important resources for residents. Stuck with a computer or software problem? Ask a Computer Center consultant to help out or consult our tutorials.

    Residents of Orchard Downs may access the Computer Center located at 2030-A Orchard Street with their laundry key. The Orchard Downs Computer Center was updated in 2010 with 12 new Dell PCs with 23’ monitors and a color laser printer. Printing charges are billed to university accounts. In addition, wireless access is also available in the Computer Center as well as the North and South Laundry Buildings.

    Goodwin-Green residents will find the Computer Center in the lobby of the 300 W. Goodwin building. Residents with a university login are eligible to use the Computer Centers. Residents are responsible for the supervision of their children in the Computer Center and are expected to follow all Computer Center guidelines as posted.

    Car Wash
    At Orchard Downs, University Housing has installed two waterspouts on the back of the South Laundry. Residents can park at the back of the building and have access to water to wash their cars. Residents must provide their own hose, bucket and sponges/rags for car washing.

    Ameren is responsible for service delivery for electricity for power, and gas for heating. If you have any questions on your delivery services—such as power outages, metering, or service requests—please contact Ameren Illinois Customer Service at 1-800-755-5000.

    Homefield Energy is the electric supplier as of June 2011. If you have any questions regarding your electric supply, please call Homefield Energy at 1-866-694-1262.

    Residents at Goodwin-Green are connected to the University system for heating, which is included in the rent. The heating system at Goodwin-Green is powered by steam, so it cannot be instantly turned on or off when the outdoor temperature varies over a wide range as is common in the spring and fall. The decision as to when the University turns the heating system on and off is based on the average outdoor temperature over a certain number of days. Each Goodwin-Green resident does have limited control over the heat output in their apartment with the knob that is part of the radiator in the apartment.

    Each Family & Graduate Housing leaseholder will receive a monthly bill from Ameren. Co-tenants will receive one monthly bill which they will be responsible for paying in cooperation with one another.

    Exterior Light Fixtures and Repairs
    If the exterior door light or building light of your apartment is not working, please submit a work request.

    Internet Service at Ashton Woods and Orchard Downs
    High-speed Internet service is provided by Comcast. Residents experiencing problems with their Internet service should submit a Comcast help request. Residents may also call the Family & Graduate Housing Office at 217-333-5656 for assistance during business hours.

    Internet Service at Goodwin-Green
    Internet service is provided by Technology Services at Illinois. Residents experiencing problems may receive assistance by calling the URHnet Helpline at 217-244-1111. The helpline operates from 7 to 10 p.m., Sunday through Thursday.

    Laundry Facilities
    University Housing provides laundry facilities at all apartment locations. Washers and dryers are available for residents’ use. The laundry facilities are shared by the Family & Graduate Housing community. Please follow common courtesy, remain with your clothes while using the machines, and remove your clothes from the washer or dryer as soon as the machine’s cycle is complete. Family & Graduate Housing is not responsible for clothes left in any machine or laundry facility. Residents may contact JETZ Laundry Service at 1-800-527-4928 for any concerns about the machines.

    The University provides individual apartment size washers and dryers in the Orchard Downs remodeled apartments. Other than these units, individual mechanical washers or dryers are not permitted in any University apartments. Any apartment resident found to have a washer or dryer in their apartment will be considered to be in violation of their lease terms and conditions and subject to having their lease terminated.

    Ashton Woods
    • Washers and dryers are available in the lower level of each building for residents’ use.
    • Laundry facilities are located in 1107 W. Green and in 300 S. Goodwin basement areas. Ironing boards and irons are available for residents’ use in the laundry rooms in Goodwin-Green.
    Orchard Downs
    • Two laundry facilities are conveniently located within the community. The North Laundry is located near apartment buildings 1902, 1904, and 1906. The South Laundry is located near apartment buildings 2030, 2032, and 2034. You will receive a laundry key when you check in, or your apartment key provides access. One extra laundry key can be given to households with two or more adults. This key will be given to the leaseholder and the leaseholder will be responsible for returning both keys when vacating the apartment. Family & Graduate Housing has provided a washing machine and dryer in the Orchard Downs South Laundry that is specifically designed to assist residents in a wheelchair. Please refrain from using these appliances so that our residents with limited mobility will have accessible appliances to use.

    United States mailboxes are conveniently located in or near each apartment building. When you check in at the Family & Graduate Housing office you will receive a mail label with the leaseholder’s last or family name. If additional family members have a different last name than the leaseholder, then the dependents should request their own mail label. The U.S. Postal Service will deliver all first class mail to your mailbox on a daily basis (excluding Sundays and federal holidays).

    When you provide your address to others, it should be written in the following manner:

    Your name
    Your street address and apartment number or letter
    City, State, Zip Code


    Your name
    1841 Orchard Pl, Apt. A or 6403 Hazelwood Dr., Apt. 803
    Urbana, IL 61801


    Your name
    8423 S. First St., Apt. 462
    Champaign, IL 61820

    For all international mail, include USA after the address line.

    Package Delivery
    All apartment locations have a mailbox system which allows residents to receive packages from the United States Postal Service (USPS) via a secured package mailbox at each location. If you receive a package, a key to the secured box will be placed in your apartment mailbox. After obtaining the package from the mailbox, replace the key in the package box lock. It is important to retrieve these packages as quickly as possible so that the package box can be used by other members of the community. Packages delivered by other delivery companies will follow that company’s procedure. The University is not able to receive packages on behalf of any resident. Packages sent to the Family & Graduate Housing office will be returned to sender.

    • At Goodwin-Green, the mailboxes are located in the main lobbies of 1107 W. Green and 300 S. Goodwin.
    • At Ashton Woods and Orchard Downs, mailboxes are grouped together with individual boxes assigned to each apartment. The bank of mailboxes also has a slot for outgoing mail. Refer to the Ashton Woods and Orchard Downs maps for mailbox locations.

    Recreational Facilities
    All apartment locations have picnic areas and outdoor grills throughout the community. The site maps indicate specific locations. Please help maintain these areas by disposing of trash in an appropriate trash receptacle. At Orchard Downs, playground facilities are scattered throughout the community. Residents are encouraged to use these for fun and safe spaces to play. Young children must always be supervised by an adult. For residents who enjoy playing basketball, courts are located near each of the buildings. At Goodwin-Green there is a small playground on the southeast corner of the property.

    Shower Curtains
    All residents are provided with a shower curtain when moving in to their apartment. Residents who chose to replace their shower curtain should refer to the size guidelines provided. Standard size (72-inch wide) shower curtains are the appropriate size for all Family & Graduate Housing apartments except one-bedroom apartments at Goodwin- Green. The correct size shower curtain for one-bedroom apartments at Goodwin-Green is 90 inches wide. If residents cannot locate a 90-inch wide shower curtain, it is recommended that they purchase one 72-inch wide and one 36-inch wide shower curtain and then overlap them on the shower rod. It is important that the shower curtain be tucked into the tub while the shower is in use. Failure to do so will result in water damage to the resident’s apartment and that of his or her neighbors.

    Apartment Policies

    Apartment Life and Noise

    Apartment living is different than living in your own home. You may have to adjust to a smaller living space. Getting to know your neighbors as friends will make it easier for you to adjust to your new apartment and neighborhood. If a problem occurs, it will be much easier for you to talk to your neighbor about it if you know them.

    Family & Graduate Housing is home to people from more than 70 different countries. Residents bring their own unique heritages, ideas, and ways of doing things. Some families may be very quiet in their apartment because they view their homes as places of tranquility. In other families, home may be the only place where people feel comfortable being lively or singing. Because different families are comfortable with different levels of noise, sometimes conflicts may occur between neighbors.

    We offer the following guidelines to encourage friendly relations:

    Be considerate.
    Some apartments carry noise more easily than others and certain noises can be heard by neighbors. Excessive running and jumping, moving furniture, music, and televisions are examples of everyday noises that may bother neighbors. These noises are especially annoying when they become excessive, are very loud, and occur late at night when people are sleeping. In general, we ask all apartment residents make an effort to keep noise at a minimum after 10:00 p.m. every night.

    Please remember that this is a living area, not a library.

    Some noise from everyday activities can be expected. We all need quiet space to study, and there are numerous libraries on campus for that purpose.

    Talk with your neighbor if you have a concern.
    If you are irritated by the noise your neighbor is making, bring it to his or her attention in a calm and friendly manner. Expressing anger and making noise in retaliation can only make matters worse. If you need some assistance in resolving a noise problem, please contact your Community Aide or the Family & Graduate Housing office. If your Community Aide contacts you about a noise problem, please work with them to resolve the concern. Their primary interest is to resolve any conflicts between neighbors and make our community a pleasant place for everyone to live.


    Bicycles must have a property tag from Family & Graduate Housing. Residents receive property stickers at move-in or lease renewal. There is no fee for bikes in the apartments, and residents are responsible for placing these stickers on their bicycle. The following rules will apply:

    • If you sell, leave your bicycle, or give it to someone else, you must cancel your registration permit at the Family & Graduate Housing office.
    • Any bicycles not properly registered will be picked up and disposed of according to University policies.
    • Bicycles must be in operating condition to be registered. Any bikes that are missing wheels, seats, chains, etc., will be removed and disposed of according to University policies.
    • Bicycle repair stations are located at each laundry facility within Orchard Downs.
    • Bicycles need to be locked and stored in the bike racks provided in the front of each building. Please do not leave bikes near the buildings or attached to gas meters, stair railings, or in the building stairways.
    • Goodwin-Green has indoor bike storage facilities located in the basement of the 300 and 1107 buildings.

    Please note that bicycles parked near building doors make it much more difficult for personnel to enter a building during emergencies. Bicycles not in the designated bike racks will be disposed of according to University policies.

    Bicycles that will be on campus must be registered with the University of Illinois. Your apartment property sticker is not registration with the campus bike program. Bike at Illinois has more information and details about the registration process.


    While it is important to decorate apartments to make them feel like home, there are certain limitations you must observe. Do not use adhesive type hangers or attach anything to doors. Do not fasten bookshelves to walls or attach lamps or planters to the ceiling. Any type of carpet installation must be removed prior to moving out. Nails, tacks, and adhesives may damage floors and result in damage charges. Please review the “Conditions of Premises” on the Lease Terms and Conditions for further information.


    Possession or storage of weapons is prohibited on any property owned or controlled by the University, including Family & Graduate Housing. To review the complete University policy regarding firearms, please consult the University Student Rights and Responsibilities in the section titled Possession or Storage of Weapons.

    Flowers and Planting

    Residents may plant flowers or other ornamental plants in approved locations. Residents are responsible for following all policy regulations:

    • Residents are responsible for maintaining, cleaning, and weeding their flowerbeds.

    • Flowers and plants must be within two feet of the building.

    • Residents must remove their plants prior to moving out.

    • Residents may not plant flowers that will grow more than two feet high.

    • Vines (such as ivy) may not be planted.

    • Vegetables may not be planted in flowerbed locations. Flowers planted in locations outside the flowerbeds will likely be mowed down by the grounds staff. Vegetables grown in apartment flowerbeds will be removed by grounds staff. Unapproved plants discovered in flowerbeds are considered a lease violation and will be handled accordingly. The approved apartment locations for resident planting are:

    Ashton Woods apartments do not have approved planting locations.

    Orchard Downs:

    Apartments in the 1800’s: In the two story buildings, flowers may be planted only in front of the stairwells under the apartment number (unless there are bushes planted in this area).

    In the single story buildings, flowers may be planted in the front of the building. Flowers will be maintained, cleaned, and weeded by the residents.

    Apartments in the 1900’s, 2002—2044 and 2001—2037: Flowers may be planted in front of the buildings.

    Apartments 2060—2084, 2051—2087, and all of Hazelwood Court: Residents may not plant near the apartments, because there is concrete in front of the building.

    Residents may only have flowers planted in containers. Containers must be in good condition (not broken or chipped), and not obstruct any walkways.

    Goodwin-Green Apartments:

    1107 Goodwin & 300 Green: Residents may plant flowers on the west or east sides of the buildings between the sidewalks leading to the 1st floor apartment entry doors.

    1113—1115 W. Green: Flowers can be planted only on the North side next to the buildings.

    Grill Use

    We recognize that many families enjoy grilling outdoors. Remember that your lease prohibits the use of a hibachi, grill, or other appliance in any balcony, stairwell, or entryway of any building. Family & Graduate Housing provides grills for your use in every community.

    Grills at Orchard Downs are located by the Community Center, by the playground at Hazelwood Court, behind the Family & Graduate Housing office, and behind apartment 2006 near the playground.

    At Goodwin-Green the grill is located in the courtyard.

    Ashton Woods also has grills available in the courtyards behind buildings 2217, 2303, 2307 and across the street from building 2311.

    If you do use your own grill on the lawn, keep a reasonable distance from the buildings so that the smoke does not disturb your neighbors. Family & Graduate Housing also provides trash containers for coal and ash disposals that are marked specifically “charcoal.” Coals should never be deposited in the garbage dumpsters—even if you think they are cold. Never place a grill next to a building or leave it unattended. Please use care when grilling.

    Guest Registration

    Guests and visitors are always welcome in your apartment; however, guests who will be staying longer than two weeks are required to be registered at the Family & Graduate Housing office.

    The occupancy of the apartment must not exceed the occupancy limit for the apartment type when guests are visiting. Visitors not included in the extended family category are limited to a total maximum duration of 30 days per year. Overnight guests are permitted in co-tenant apartments only if mutually agreed upon in advance of the stay.

    Leasing Details and Policies

    Billing Information
    Once a month, the University of Illinois emails graduate and undergraduate students reminding them to view their student account for recent activity and to pay any amount due by the due date. The student account is available online for students to view and print, and includes all student account transactions, such as payments received and charges and credits for tuition, fees, and housing.

    All other residents (non-students) will receive a paper statement through the postal service. Residents may contact University Bursar at 217-333-2180, or by email at if they do not receive a statement. Residents may also receive a copy of their bill at the USFSCO Customer Service desk in Henry Administration Building, Room 100. Henry Administration Building is located at 506 Wright Street, Urbana, IL 61801.

    The billing period covers the first day through the last day of each month. Rental payments are due on the 28th of each month. Students may pay rent charges online by e-check or credit card. Non-students may pay rent charges online by e-check or wire transfer. Please visit the USFSCO website at UI-Integrate Self-Service for instructions.

    Lease Name Change
    Lease name changes occur when a current leaseholder loses their affiliation with the University and requests the lease be placed in the name of another family member who remains affiliated with the University. The new leaseholder must be of legal age to sign a lease (18 or older). Please contact the Family & Graduate Housing Office for more information about the lease name change procedure.

    Lease Renewal
    Each spring, you will have the opportunity to renew your lease if you wish to continue to reside in Family & Graduate Housing and if you will continue to be affiliated with the university. The Family & Graduate Housing Office will send out notifications when it is time to renew your lease. Your student account cannot have an outstanding balance if you want to renew your lease. If you do not renew your lease during the designated lease renewal month, your apartment will be offered to a new applicant for the next academic year.

    Apartment Transfer
    If you would like to move to a different apartment within University Housing, please review the transfer policy. You may request a transfer. A transfer request form is available online at the University Housing website. Once the completed form is received, Family & Graduate Housing staff will review available apartments and determine if your request can be granted. Transfers are not offered through the months of July and August, but resume each year in mid-September.

    Apartment Subletting
    Your Family & Graduate Housing lease prohibits the subletting of your apartment under any circumstances. Residents who sublet their apartment will be found in violation of their lease and subject to disciplinary action by the university.

    Lease Termination
    If you will be graduating or ending your affiliation with the university, you are required to terminate your lease by submitting an Early Lease Termination Request Form. This form must be submitted to the Family & Graduate Housing Office at least 45 days in advance of your requested departure date. The Early Lease Termination form is available at the Family & Graduate Housing Office or online. Please note that other forms of communication will not serve as notice of your intent to terminate. Please refer to the Family & Graduate Housing Lease Terms and Conditions for specific details.

    Lock Out: Key Lending and Card Access

    If you lose a key, Family & Graduate Housing can loan you a key while you look for your missing key. During business hours, come to the Family & Graduate Housing Office to get a loaner key that you will be able to keep for 24 hours. If your key has not been found after 24 hours, your lock will be changed, and we will provide you with new keys.

    After hours, please contact the on-call Family & Graduate Housing staff member at (217) 649-7705 for assistance.

    The fees for this service are as follows:

    • Replace mailbox key: $50
    • Replace laundry/computer center key: $50
    • Replace apartment key: $50


    University Housing will provide maintenance of the apartment premises, including, but not limited to, plumbing, electrical and heating systems, and painting. Additionally, all common areas are cleaned and maintained. Residents are required by the lease to fully cooperate with staff as they execute these responsibilities. Maintenance of fire equipment, heating and cooling systems, carbon-monoxide detectors and pest control are a few examples of routine tasks that are scheduled each year and cannot be refused by residents.

    University Housing staff will provide 24-hour notice prior to entering any apartment for routine work. If you have made a request for maintenance work to be done in your apartment, Facilities staff will enter the apartment to complete the requested task and leave a note indicating the work has been completed. In the event of an emergency, University Housing reserves the right to enter your apartment without 24-hour notice. Housing staff will provide you with a notification following the incident that the apartment had been entered. We execute this right when any situation regarding safety places a resident or University facilities at risk.

    Smoke and Tobacco-Free Campus/No Fire

    All University of Illinois campus facilities and grounds, including family and graduate housing apartments, are strictly smoke and tobacco-free. This includes tobacco for smoking and/or chewing. For specifics on this policy, please see the official policy: Effective July 1, 2019, the state of Illinois has raised the legal age to possess and consume tobacco to 21 years of age. This is a complete prohibition of any smoking products and paraphernalia (defined as any device used in the consumption of tobacco including but not limited to hookahs, e-cigarettes, or vaporizers). Smoking in University Housing facilities will result in a $25 charge per occurrence and escalate by that amount with each subsequent occurrence.

    Additionally, residents shall not use candles or incense anywhere within an apartment or indoor public space. Residents shall not have or permit any open or covered fire on or in any balcony, stairwell, or entryway of any building. Examples of this type of fire could be a hibachi or barbecue grill. Cooking and/or grilling within 25 feet of a building are prohibited. Please also see “Grill Use” in this handbook.


    Family & Graduate Housing provides parking facilities for residents living in the Orchard Downs and Ashton Woods apartment communities. A parking permit is required and must be renewed each academic year to park in any of the apartment parking facilities. Residents must display appropriate parking tags on the rearview mirror of the vehicle window. Only currently licensed, registered and operable automobiles may be parked in Family & Graduate Housing spaces and only in designated parking areas. To request parking at Orchard Downs or Ashton Woods, please enter your email here.

    Goodwin-Green residents who would like to park in the Goodwin-Green parking lot must go to the University Parking Department to obtain a permit.

    Residents shall not drive or park any vehicle on the grass or sidewalks, and may not mark any parking space for individual use.

    Motorcycles & Scooters
    Residents who would like to park a motorcycle or scooter on campus will need to obtain a parking permit at the University Parking Department. In addition, residents will be expected to place one of their Family & Graduate Housing issued bicycle stickers on their motorcycle or scooter.

    Orchard Downs and Ashton Woods:

    Convenient parking is provided at both Orchard Downs and Ashton Woods at no additional charge. There is enough parking for one vehicle per family. If you have a second car, you will be required to obtain approval from the Family & Graduate Housing office for a second parking permit prior to parking in the Orchard Downs or Ashton Woods lots. You may be required to park the second vehicle in an alternative lot other than where the first vehicle is parked.


    Limited parking is available for Goodwin-Green residents in the parking lot next to the building. Residents who park at Goodwin-Green will be billed a parking fee. The fee will be billed by the University Parking Department to your student account at the time the permit is distributed. Permits are valid through July 31 each year. It is important the permit be returned to Campus Parking upon check out or you will continue to be charged for the permit. To request a parking permit, please visit


    All residents are allowed to have fish tanks that are 50 gallons or less. Residents who require service animals will be permitted with approval. Residents in Orchard Downs and Goodwin-Green apartments shall not keep or harbor dogs, cats, reptiles, or any other animal on the premises. Unapproved animals found are subject to immediate removal by the University. Cost of removal, any damages, and cleaning will be billed to the resident’s student account.

    Ashton Woods apartments will allow pets under the following guidelines:

    Permission to keep a pet is granted at University’s sole discretion and is subject to the resident’s strict adherence to all aspects of the Ashton Woods Pet Policy, which is a separate document. Residents must obtain approval from Family & Graduate Housing and sign a pet agreement prior to obtaining a pet. Upon approval, proof of current vaccinations must be provided, and a copy of the vaccinations be kept on file in the Family & Graduate Housing office.

    Only common household pets considered to be companion animals and fish tanks of 50 gallons or less will be allowed. Farm animals, production animals and exotics will not be allowed.

    No more than two pets will be allowed in each apartment. Pets are to be kept inside the resident’s apartment. Living space where pets are housed will be kept clean, safe, and free of parasites, including, but not limited to, fleas.

    Pets will not be left for extended periods of time in any apartment, and the resident is responsible for any disturbance or nuisance caused to neighbors by their pet.

    All pets must be maintained in accordance with applicable state and local laws. Dogs and cats must wear current vaccination and identification tags at all times; vaccination tags must include current rabies tag. Pets must be maintained under a standard measure of restraint (leash or carrier) at all times when out of the apartment.

    Pet feces must be disposed of properly. It is the resident’s responsibility to remove feces from University grounds, dispose of in a plastic bag, and place that bag in outside garbage bins. Cleanup must occur immediately. Cat owners must place soiled cat litter in tied plastic bags and dispose of bags in outside garbage bins.

    If a pet attacks, bites, or behaves in an aggressive or threatening manner, the animal is subject to immediate removal from the community.

    Pets must be contained when a University Housing staff member needs to enter the apartment for completing a work request, routine maintenance, or pest control.

    Prohibited Items

    Resident shall not attach an aerial, awning, or clothesline to the exterior of the building, nor affix anything to the exterior of the premises, including plastic coverings over windows. Plastic coverings over windows will only be acceptable during winter months and must be approved window kits distributed by Family & Graduate Housing. Window kits must be removed each spring by the resident. Satellite dishes may not be installed. The use of trees, grass, balcony railings, or picnic tables for washing or drying personal belongings is prohibited. Cut, real trees are prohibited on the premises due to the safety hazard they pose. Residents are not permitted to install, use, or store a mechanical clothes washer or dryer, a mechanical dishwasher, or a waterbed on the premises. Residents shall not use candles or incense anywhere within an apartment or indoor public space.

    Please also review the No Smoking/No Fire policy.


    Goodwin-Green residents have access to large storage cages in the basement of each building. The cages are in a locked area; however, the cages are not completely enclosed. You may request a storage cage online or at the Family & Graduate Housing office. Residents are responsible for securing their belongings and the University does not take responsibility for the resident’s property. Residents must provide their own personal lock for their storage cage.

    There is no additional storage at Orchard Downs or Ashton Woods. Balcony areas may not be used for storage (e.g. mattresses, household furniture, clothing, clothesline, auto parts, etc.). Balcony areas may only be used for outdoor furniture and flower containers. The only outdoor furniture allowed is folding lawn chairs and plastic resin stacking chairs designed for outdoor use. These items are approved for public storage April 1 to October 31 only.

    Stairways, lawn or sidewalk areas, the area under stairways, elevators, lounges, or entryways must not be obstructed or used for children’s play or for storage of personal belongings, including but not limited to bicycles, children’s toys or strollers, household furniture, volatile substances, shoes, etc. We understand that it is custom or habit for many residents to slip their shoes off at the door before entering their apartment; however, Fire Codes prohibit the storage of any kind of footwear in hallways or apartment entryways. These small items could easily trip someone who is trying to escape from fire or smoke, and they could get in the way of fire fighters and their equipment.

    The only item allowed in the hallway or entryway of an apartment is a welcome mat with a nonskid backing placed directly in front of the apartment entry door.

    Indoor furniture that is left outside will be treated as abandoned property and disposed of immediately. Furniture that has been left outdoors poses a serious risk of the spread of insects and rodents and therefore cannot be stored by the University once it has been left outdoors.

    For safety reasons, personal property must be stored away from the hot water heater and the furnace in each apartment. Residents are not allowed to store any items in furnace rooms as this creates a fire hazard. Please do not attach anything to the plumbing fixtures or store clothes on heaters, furnaces, or on balconies.

    Family & Graduate Housing reserves the right to remove all obstructions and dispose of those items at its discretion. Family & Graduate Housing is not responsible for any loss or damage to items being stored in the cages at Goodwin- Green, or those items being improperly stored or removed from Orchard Downs or Ashton Woods.

    Trash Disposal & Recycling

    University Housing provides garbage collection six days a week. Large garbage dumpsters are located in the parking lots in Orchard Downs and Ashton Woods. At Goodwin-Green, garbage dumpsters are conveniently located outside of 300 S. Goodwin and 1107 W. Green. Please place garbage inside the dumpster, not on the ground around the dumpster. Family & Graduate Housing and University Housing are committed to our recycling program, and we hope residents will support it as well. University Housing does not provide glass recycling. Several drop-off sites are available throughout the Orchard Downs and Ashton Woods communities. At Goodwin-Green, recycling bins are available outside 300 S. Goodwin and inside the 1107 W. Green building. Please drop materials off at these sites.

    Air Conditioners

    Orchard Downs

    Family & Graduate Housing supplies one window air-conditioning (AC) unit for the Orchard Downs apartments. Note that the electricity used by the AC unit is part of your power bill. Residents should contact Maintenance if they are experiencing problems with their air conditioner.


    Family & Graduate Housing supplies window air-conditioning (AC) units for the Goodwin-Green apartments. Sleeping rooms and efficiency apartments are provided one living room window unit. One-bedroom apartments are provided with one living room unit and one-bedroom unit. Please note that the electricity used by the AC unit(s) is part of your power bill. Residents should contact Maintenance if they are experiencing problems with their air conditioner.

    Ashton Woods

    Ashton Woods apartments are furnished with central air-conditioning units. Residents should contact Maintenance if they are experiencing problems with their air-conditioning system.

    Services for Residents

    Family & Graduate Housing offers a variety of services to residents. Please stop by the office to ask general questions, obtain leasing information, reserve a programming space, register for a program, pick up a loaner key, get a newsletter, ask billing questions, or fax a document to a local or toll-free number. Additionally, you can check out equipment for temporary use, such as a car battery jump kit, moving carts, a scale to weigh your luggage, and an air pump for bicycle tires.

    Community Aide Staff and Complex Coordinator
    At Family & Graduate Housing, we provide live-in staff members who reside in the community and are available to assist you in many ways. Your Community Aide can assist you by providing information about services and programs offered by Family & Graduate Housing, the local community, the Family Housing Council, and other University organizations. Community Aides also plan many popular activities and can help you by answering questions about different cultures and traditions.

    There are Community Aides assigned to each apartment complex: two at Ashton Woods, two at Goodwin-Green and thirteen at Orchard Downs. The Complex Coordinator for University Apartments provides supervision to the Community Aide staff and provides on-call assistance when the Family & Graduate Housing office is closed. An on-call staff member can be reached at 217-649-7705 for assistance after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays, on weekends and on holidays. If you have an emergency, lose your keys, or need other assistance, please call. Please feel free to contact the on-call staff member if you have a problem or a question. To find specific contact information regarding your Community Aide or the Complex Coordinator, contact the Family & Graduate Housing office or visit for a staff listing.

    Ashton Woods Community Building
    The Community Building (2221 S. First St.) is located at the entrance of the Ashton Woods apartment complex.This space serves as a gathering place for social programs, meetings, and educational classes sponsored by Family & Graduate Housing staff. Check our website or contact the Family & Graduate Housing office for details.

    Orchard Downs Community Center
    The Community Center, located at the south end of the Orchard Downs complex, is the site of many Family & Graduate Housing programs, including the Orchard Downs Pre-School and the after-school Kids’ Club Program. Residents may also reserve the Community Center for their own personal use. Many people use it for birthday parties, dinners, meetings, and other events. The Center also offers wireless access to the University Internet. This space may be reserved by visiting the Space Reservation System on the Housing website.

    Learning Resource Center
    The Learning Resource Center is located at 2044-A Orchard Street in Orchard Downs. This conference room setting is used for educational workshops, International Friendship Group, English classes, and the Family Housing Council Sewing Room. Many people use this space for birthday parties, dinners, meetings, and other events. This space may be reserved by visiting the Space Reservation System on the Housing website.

    Family Resource Center
    The Family Resource Center is located at 1834-A in Orchard Downs. It is available to all Family & Graduate Housing residents and offers information on a variety of topics that relate to families and their concerns. It also contains a lending library where residents can check out children’s books and resources on parenting, families, childcare, and women’s health.

    Study Room
    Residents at Family & Graduate Housing can access the study room located at apartment 2102-104 in Orchard South by using their laundry room key. The Study Room is available at any time throughout the year for quiet study. We encourage residents to utilize this valuable space that directly supports student academic success. If you have any questions, please contact

    Goodwin-Green Lounge
    There is a lounge in the basement of 300 S. Goodwin that serves as a gathering place for social programs, meetings, and educational classes. Many residents enjoy using the lounge to watch television or read newspapers and magazines. In addition, there is a kitchen available for residents to use. You may reserve the lounge and kitchen by visiting the Space Reservation System on the Housing website. Many people use this space for birthday parties, dinners, meetings, and other events. In addition, this lounge offers wireless access to the University Internet. Check our website or contact the Family & Graduate Housing office for details.

    Newsletter: “Neighborly News”
    The “Neighborly News” is a monthly newsletter published by the Family & Graduate Housing staff for apartment residents. It contains current information that affects residents, such as items about upcoming maintenance, exciting monthly programs, community resources, health information, and news from the Family Housing Council.

    Orchard Downs Pre-School
    Orchard Downs Pre-School offers structured educational activities to enhance the social, emotional, physical, and mental growth of children ages 3–5. Set in Orchard Downs with its unique blending of social and cultural backgrounds, the school provides a stimulating environment for the individual growth of each child.

    The program stresses educational play and social development. The school allows parents to share the child’s first learning experience by working once a week as a teacher assistant, if they choose, and by sharing responsibilities for school committees.

    The Pre-School operates as a part of University Housing with low monthly tuition rates and follows the University calendar. Visit us at the Orchard Downs Pre-School, located in the Family & Graduate Housing Community Center, 510 W. George Huff Drive, Urbana.

    To register your child, call 217-333-3497 or contact the Family & Graduate Housing office at 217-333-5656. Registration forms are available at the school, the Family & Graduate Housing office, and online. All registration forms must be completed before children may attend. Health forms require a current physical exam, immunization records, and a TB skin test, even if the child has had a BCG vaccination.

    Programs for All Ages
    An exciting and vital part of community life in Family & Graduate Housing includes the many free activities and programs offered for residents of all ages. We enjoy offering these opportunities to you and your family and hope that you will have time to get involved. Hundreds of activities take place each year.

    Kids Club After-School Program
    At Orchard Downs, the Kids’ Club is our after-school program for children ages five through twelve years old. The program meets Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Community Center. The children participate in various activities such as crafts, games, sports, cooking, and field trips. Parents are always welcome to participate. Please see the “Neighborly News” for registration times and dates.

    Junior Club After-School Program
    Located at Orchard Downs, the Junior Club is our after-school program for pre-school children ages three through five years of age. The Junior Club program meets Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Community Center. The children participate in organized play activities that provide opportunities for fun and friendship. Registration is required with enrollment priority given to children enrolled in the full-day Orchard Downs Pre-School.

    Parent-Child Playgroups
    Parent-Child Playgroups provide support, educational resources, health information, and development activities to parents, expecting parents, and young children from birth to five years old. Children are welcome to attend our meetings with their parents. Playgroup is a good way to meet and share experiences with other parents, and to encourage development of their child’s social skills. Meeting times and days are promoted in the “Neighborly News” and on the Orchard Downs calendar.

    Cooking Club
    Cooking Club is an enthusiastic group of cooks who attend this weekly cooking demonstration. Each week residents will share one of their favorite recipes. This program is a wonderful way to meet other residents and to sample and exchange recipes from around the world. Children are welcome to attend with parents.

    Learning Opportunities
    A variety of workshops are offered each year such as winter preparedness, health education, tax preparation, English classes, and parenting classes. If there is a topic that is of particular interest to you, please contact the Family & Graduate Housing office, since it is possible that a workshop could be developed on that topic.

    Social Programs
    A wide variety of free social programs are available in the apartments. Cultural events celebrating the diversity of our residents are often the most popular activities we offer. We host an International Food Festival to showcase the food from the many cultures represented in our community, and also hold theme parties, bingo nights, music nights, celebration of cultural holidays, and informal gatherings for residents.

    Ashton Woods and Goodwin-Green apartment complexes offer regular Social Hours that provide residents with the opportunity to meet new people and socialize. Details are advertised in the newsletter for each apartment community.

    Annually, we celebrate the beginning of the academic year with a Fall Festival and the end of the year with the Final Fling. Both events provide food and entertainment for all residents and their families.

    Community Organizations

    Family Housing Council
    The Family Housing Council (FHC) is the residents’ council for the University Apartments. The Council is a registered student organization at the University and was formed to communicate the residents’ needs and interests to the Family & Graduate Housing staff. FHC consists of members from the Orchard Downs, Ashton Woods and Goodwin-Green communities who are elected annually by the community. FHC offers financial support for numerous community programs, operates a sewing room and offers a weekly social program every Saturday evening. The Council holds public meetings at the Orchard Downs Community Center. See the newsletter for details. All residents are invited and encouraged to attend.

    Family Housing Council Sewing Room Program
    Residents who wish to repair clothing or want to make fabric decorations are welcome to come to the Sewing Room, 2044-A Orchard Street, every Saturday (please check the Neighborly News for operating hours). There is no cost to Orchard Downs residents to use the sewing room. Almost everything needed for sewing is available, including sewing machines, serge (over-locker), iron, chalk, scissors, thread, pins, etc. There is also a Sewing Room Monitor present to help residents use the machines.

    Family Housing Council on Facebook
    The Family Housing Council Facebook page provides information to residents about programs currently being offered, the monthly calendar and the weekly events.

    Contact Information
    For more information about FHC, contact the FHC president, Sanjay

    International Honorary for Leaders in University Apartment Communities
    The International Honorary for Leaders in University Apartment Communities (IHLUAC) is a program that recognizes the unique and valuable accomplishments of residents living in university apartment communities throughout the United States as well as in Canada and other nations. At the University of Illinois, IHLUAC acknowledges residents who have made outstanding contributions to the Family & Graduate Housing community through service, leadership, initiative in community development, and a positive attitude toward other residents. The selection of IHLUAC members takes place in the Spring Semester. Outstanding residents will be selected for IHLUAC on the basis of their leadership, service, volunteerism, and participation. For more information contact the Complex Coordinator.

    International Hospitality Committee
    The International Hospitality Committee (IHC) is a local volunteer organization whose members are interested in the well-being of international visitors during their stay in Champaign-Urbana. This group has been serving international students and their families for over forty years and has been quite successful in their mission. They offer many opportunities and activities for international visitors. Information about programs offered by the International Hospitality Committee is available at the Family & Graduate Housing Office. Residents may participate in any of the following activities or classes.

    IHC – English Conversation Groups
    English Conversation Groups are small, informal groups of international men or women who meet weekly to gain practical experience and confidence in speaking the English language. Classes are free and may be joined at any time. Schedules are available at the Family & Graduate
    Housing office, the Goodwin-Green office, the International Student and Scholars office and on our website.

    IHC – International Friends
    Through the International Friends Program, local American families are paired with an international family. Along with the International Hospitality Committee, the International Student and Scholars office sponsors this program. Families share experiences together, such as picnics, holiday dinners, or an informal family get-together. It is up to the families to meet as often as they like. This experience is a wonderful learning opportunity for both families as they share their cultures with each other.

    IHC – Lending Storeroom
    Community volunteers operate the Lending Storeroom for the benefit of University of Illinois international students, staff, and faculty and their families. Various household articles are loaned free of charge, to be used as long as needed by these individuals, while at least one person is involved with the University of Illinois. Items such as dishes, pots and pans, tableware, kitchen utensils are regularly available. Glassware, baby items, and small appliances are sometimes available. Individuals are asked to return these items when they are no longer needed so that others may use them. The storeroom is located at 2044-A Orchard Street, Urbana on the west side for the building. The hours are 9–11 a.m. every Saturday, except during winter break. From mid-July through August the storeroom is also open Wednesday evenings.

    Home Care

    Mold Prevention
    Mold can develop in an apartment when conditions are moist and there is little air circulation. Most often it develops when the weather is cold, windows are closed, and there is no air circulation in the apartment. Typically mold occurs in bathrooms on the walls and ceiling; it may also develop in living areas behind furniture where there is no circulation.

    To minimize mold development in the apartment please use the following suggestions:
    1. Whenever possible, keep window shades and blinds open. Closed shades and blinds block air flow across the window surface and prevent the movement of air through the apartment due to temperature change. Air flow will also prevent condensation on the windows.
    2. When the bathroom is not in use, leave the door open to allow circulation.
    3. Immediately report leaks or plumbing issues to Maintenance at 217-333-2779.
    4. Use a dehumidifier unit in the winter months.
    5. Never turn the furnace off or turn the thermostat below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Allowing the temperature of the apartment to get below 65 degrees will in turn allow the surface temperature of the walls and floors to drop quickly. The concrete walls and floors take a long time to warm back up once they are cooled. When the furnace cycles on again, the ambient air temperature in an apartment increases quickly. The difference in temperature between the ambient air and the concrete surfaces, will result in condensation forming on the walls and floors. After allowing this to happen, it will take several days for the furnace to raise the surface temperatures enough to stop the condensation from forming.
    6. Do not store items up against walls as this will keep the warm air from heating the walls, allowing condensation to form. Cool, dark, and damp surfaces are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. It is important to maintain air circulation around all items stored along walls. We also recommend that residents store in plastic bins rather than in cardboard boxes which can absorb moisture and potentially cause damage to items stored inside them.
    7. Failure to maintain a minimum ambient temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit in your apartment, will result in unpleasant living conditions and potential property damage to your apartment and neighboring apartments. It is the responsibility of every University Apartment leaseholder to follow the above listed recommendations.

    Pest Control
    Good sanitation practices are necessary for pest prevention. Failing to maintain a clean apartment may be considered a violation of your lease. Do not leave out food or dirty dishes, or store trash in the apartment or patio as this will attract household pests such as cockroaches, ants, rodents, etc. Pests also live in and consume cardboard boxes and the glue used to seal them. Avoid storing boxes in your apartment.

    University Housing provides pest control services to you at no cost. Pest control treatments in the apartments and common areas are done at least twice a year. Pest control treatments are mandatory and cannot be refused by residents.

    If pests or insects become a problem, please contact Maintenance to have your apartment treated in addition to the regularly scheduled treatments. Where a pest infestation is found, the entire building may need to be treated.

    Pesticides used by our staff are no more harmful than most common household cleaners, and Material Safety Data Sheets listing pest control ingredients can be obtained upon request.

    Failure to comply with pest control treatment or maintain proper sanitation can result in non-renewal or termination of a lease. If you have a pest problem, please contact Maintenance at 217-333-2779 or submit an online maintenance request.

    Bed Bugs
    There is always a risk that residents may unknowingly transport bed bugs by purchasing used furniture or mattresses in an apartment that had been inspected prior to move in. If residents suspect they have bed bugs they should contact the Family & Graduate Housing office or Maintenance immediately. This will ensure that pest control can treat the bed bug problem before it becomes advanced.

    Bed bugs are small, oval, wingless insects that reach about 1/5” in length. They have flat bodies, are reddish-brown in color, and are sometimes mistaken for ticks or small cockroaches. Bed bugs are not believed to carry diseases; however, they do bite. Bed bugs are most active at night and bite exposed areas of skin while an individual is sleeping. Bites may go unnoticed or be mistaken for flea or mosquito bites. Infestations occur when bugs or eggs are transported into apartments in suit cases, cardboard boxes, personal belongings, and old used furniture.

    Cleanliness has little to do with most infestations; however, excess clutter does give bed bugs a place to hide.

    Renter's Insurance
    Regardless of where you live in Family & Graduate Housing, you are strongly encouraged to purchase renter’s insurance. Renter’s insurance can protect the valuables in your apartment in case of theft, fire, water damage, or other disasters. You can purchase renter’s insurance through a number of local agencies. Consult your phonebook yellow pages for insurance companies. Please note that renter’s insurance is not medical insurance.

    Safety Information

    While safety is one of the reasons cited as to why residents choose to live in Family & Graduate Housing, all residents are encouraged to take basic safety precautions. First of all, be alert to suspicious people or circumstances. If something or someone doesn’t seem right to you, go to a well-lit, populated area and notify the police. Travel in well-lit, well-traveled areas and try not to walk alone. Familiarize yourself with the locations of emergency phones around campus — if you ever have a problem, these are a direct line to the University Police.

    Here are a few tips for keeping you and your family safe:
    • Get to know your neighbors.
    • When away on vacation, have a friend pick up your newspapers and place your mail on vacation hold by calling 1-800-275-8777 or visiting the usps website.
    • If someone comes to your house claiming to be a repairman, ask for identification. (University Housing Facilities Maintenance employees always wear identification.)
    • Keep windows and doors locked, even when you are at home or if you will be gone for only a few minutes.
    • Always lock the doors to your vehicle.
    • Keep bicycles locked to a bicycle rack.
    • Keep baby strollers and children’s toys inside your apartment when not in use.
    • Never leave laundry unattended. Please do not prop open the Laundry Building door.
    • Report any suspicious activity to the police immediately.

    Domestic Violence
    Domestic violence refers to violence that occurs within a home: husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, parents, children and roommates. The abuse is often in the form of physical injury, but also may be in the form of sexual assault, emotional mistreatment, threats, isolation, and deprivation. Although this violence is usually hidden, it is extremely common and affects a large number of families.

    Domestic violence gets worse with time. It does not go away on its own. You are not responsible for the abuse being inflicted upon you, but you can take action to stop it. Both domestic violence and child abuse are violations of the University Code of Policies and Regulations, against Illinois State Law and a breach of the Family & Graduate Housing lease. All perpetrators of these crimes are held accountable by University policy, the police and Family & Graduate Housing.

    Family & Graduate Housing at the University of Illinois has a no-tolerance policy for domestic violence. If you or someone you know is in a violent relationship or having problems with domestic violence, please contact the University Housing on-call staff member at 217-649-1213 or visit the We Care website. We offer support, counseling, and resource referral to residents in stressful situations.

    The university also operates SafePlace, a facility on campus that can provide safe, temporary housing in an emergency situation.

    Local resources:
    Courage Connection
    Phone: 217-352-7151
    Address: 1304 E Main St. Urbana, IL 61802

    Women's Resources Center
    Phone: 217-333-3137
    Address: 616 E Green St. #202 Champaign, IL 61820

    Family Advocacy Center
    Phone: 217-607-0546
    Address: 310 W Church St., Suite 103 Champaign, IL 61820

    Fire Safety
    Immediately activate the building’s fire alarm system. Evacuate the building unless otherwise notified. Call 911 from any campus phone, cell phone or off-campus phone.

    If you discover a fire:
    1. Manually activate the building’s fire alarm system.
    2. Immediately evacuate the building, closing doors and windows behind you.
    4. Locate those persons with special needs, and provide assistance if possible. Otherwise, provide their location to emergency responders.
    5. Report to your department’s designated gathering point
    6. Call 911 from any campus phone or cell phone or from off campus.

    Once the fire alarm is activated:
    1. Walk quickly to the nearest exit. Do not use the elevators.
    2. If you are able, help those who need special assistance.
    3. Notify fire personnel if you believe someone may still be in the building.
    4. Gather away from the building and emergency responders at a pre-designated location.
    5. DO NOT re-enter the building until the fire department has cleared the scene.

    If caught in smoke:
    1. Do not breathe the smoke!
    2. Drop to your knees and crawl to the closest safe exit.
    3. Breathe through your nose, and use a shirt or towel to breathe through, if possible.

    If trapped in a building:
    1. Close all doors and windows.
    2. Wet any cloth material and place around and under the door to prevent smoke from entering.
    3. Attempt to signal people outside of the building. Call for help using a telephone or cell phone.
    (Information provided by the Office of Emergency Planning, a division of Campus Safety.)

    Fire Extinguisher
    Each apartment has a fire extinguisher that is inspected prior to a new resident’s arrival and is checked by Housing Facilities Maintenance each year.

    It is important for you to read the instructions and know how to remove the fire extinguisher from the wall and operate it safely. Check the gauge monthly to make sure the needle is in the green area.

    Using a Fire Extinguisher:

    1. First, report the fire (call 911) from any campus phone, or call 911 from a cell phone or off campus.

    2. Use a fire extinguisher only if you have been trained to do so. Improper use of an extinguisher can increase the hazard.

    3. If you have any doubt of your ability to fight the fire, exit immediately.

    4. If you decide to use a fire extinguisher, place yourself between the fire and your exit from the area.

    5. To use the fire extinguisher, follow the PASS method: Pull the pin. This will break the tamper seal if one is provided. Aim low, pointing the extinguisher nozzle (or the horn or hose) at the base of the fire. Squeeze the handle to release the extinguishing agent. Sweep from side to side at the base of the fire until the fire is out. Watch the area. If the fire re-ignites, repeat the steps above.

    (Information provided by the Office of Emergency Planning, a division of Campus Safety.)

    Tornado Safety
    The tornado season for Champaign-Urbana is generally March through October. Notification of an approaching tornado could be a news bulletin on the radio or television, or one long blast from the sirens of the Outdoor Warning System. Tornado sirens are sounded for those areas in the path of the tornado throughout Champaign, Urbana, and Savoy. Turn on a radio or television to local stations for weather bulletins.

    Tornado Watch means tornadoes are possible in your area. Remain alert for approaching storms, and be prepared to seek shelter.

    Tornado Warning means a tornado is imminent or has been indicated by Doppler radar or reported by storm spotters. Move to your pre-designated place of safety immediately!

    Severe Thunderstorm Watch means severe thunderstorms are possible in your area.

    Severe Thunderstorm Warning means a severe thunderstorm is imminent or has been indicated by Doppler radar or reported by storm spotters.

    What to do during a tornado warning
    When the tornado sirens sound, or if a tornado has been sighted, go to a safe shelter immediately.

    1. Move to a pre-designated shelter, such as a basement. Assist those with special needs in getting to the shelter area.

    2. Put as many walls as possible between you and the outside. Get under a sturdy table and use arms to protect head and neck. Stay away from windows and open spaces. Stay there until the danger has passed.

    3. If there is no basement, go to an interior room on the lowest level (closets, interior hallways, or restrooms). Do not open windows.

    4. In a high-rise building, go to a small, interior room or hallway with no windows on the lowest floor possible. Do not call 911 unless you need to report an emergency, such as a fire, medical emergency or severe building damage. 911 lines need to be kept open and available for emergency calls.

    5. Get out of vehicles, trailers, and mobile homes immediately and go to the lowest floor of a sturdy nearby building or a storm shelter.

    6. If caught outside with no shelter, lie flat in a nearby ditch or depression and cover your head with your hands. Be aware of potential for flooding.

    7. Never try to outrun a tornado in a car or truck; instead, leave the vehicle immediately for safe shelter. Tornadoes are erratic and move swiftly.

    8. Watch out for flying debris. Flying debris from tornadoes causes most fatalities and injuries.

    (Information provided by the Office of Emergency Planning, a division of Campus Safety.)

    Pool Safety
    Residents may use small children’s pools on apartment property with the following required safety guidelines:
    • Children must be supervised at all times by an adult when using a pool.
    • No water can be left in a pool if an adult is not present. Pools must be emptied on a daily basis when done being used.

    Campus Services & Resources

    Bus Service
    The Mass Transit District (MTD), a local bus service, serves Champaign-Urbana with a variety of routes covering the cities, including campus. Students and staff at the University only need to show their University ID card to ride the bus. No additional bus fare or fee is required. Fare information for non-students may be obtained by calling the MTD office at 217-384-8188. People 65 years and older, as well as Medicare card holders and people having significant difficulty boarding or alighting from an MTD bus, may be eligible to ride for free for three years by obtaining a Dash Pass at the Illinois Terminal. For more information, please contact the MTD office at 217-384-8188.

    Bus shelters and stops are located in Orchard Downs along Orchard Street. At Ashton Woods the closest bus stop is located on the corner of Gerty Drive and Griffith Drive, north and west of the apartments. Goodwin-Green residents can access the bus at a variety of nearby locations. Check the routes and schedules booklet for details, visit the MTD website or call MTD at 217-384-8188.

    If you are unfamiliar with the way the bus system operates in Urbana-Champaign, here is some helpful information and a few suggestions:

    1. The bus routes are differentiated by color. If you want to take a bus, you have to know (a) the specific color line that will get you to your destination; and (b) the location of the bus stops for a particular color line. Remember to wait at the designated location for the route you want to ride.
    2. Check the direction you want to go and wait for the bus at the appropriate stop.
    3. It is suggested that you have the exact fare ready for when you board the bus. When riding the bus after 7 p.m., you must have the exact fare. This is a fixed fare to travel from point A to point B, and is the same regardless of the distance of your journey or bus line. You may request a transfer to another bus line at the time of boarding the bus. Students and staff with a valid University of Illinois Student Identification card ride for free.
    4. Generally, the buses operate on schedule. It is best to arrive at the bus stop a few minutes early.
    If you have any questions about bus routes, schedules, etc., call the Mass Transit District (MTD) at 217-384-8188 or visit their website. You can also obtain schedules on any bus or at the MTD office, 801 East University Avenue, Urbana. You can also obtain information about semester and yearly passes from the MTD office.

    Campus ID Center
    The campus ID Center is located in the Illini Union Bookstore. It is open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday – Friday. The i-card is your official University of Illinois identification. Bring a form of photo identification (such as a driver’s license, visa, or passport) to have your i-card produced or replaced. All students, faculty and staff are required to obtain an i-card. You can contact the ID Center at 217-244-0135.

    Child Care
    The Child Care Resource Service can be reached by calling 217-333-3252 or 1-800-325-5516. This service helps parents find child care by searching their database of child care providers and matching the needs of the parents with the providers. The Child Care Resource Service will provide a list of suggested child care providers. They also offer payment subsidy for child care to those who qualify.

    Counseling Center
    The Counseling Center staff provides a variety of services to help students understand their problems and themselves, achieve satisfying relationships, improve their academic performance, and make effective and satisfying career and life choices.

    Faculty/Staff Assistance Program
    Faculty/Staff Assistance Program is designed to provide personal, professional, confidential assistance to all faculty, staff, academic professionals and their household members who are experiencing problems that interfere with their ability to work or their well being. The Faculty/Staff Assistance Program is available to help clarify issues, identify resources, and offer follow-up assistance as needed. Phone: 217-244-5312. 24-Hour Crisis Line: 217-244-7739.

    International Student and Scholar Services
    The International Student and Scholar Service (ISSS) is a campus office devoted to international students. ISSS can provide assistance with:
    • General adjustment into the academic environment
    • Understanding U.S. government regulations concerning employment
    • Understanding immigration and tax laws
    • Understanding University regulations
    • Understanding currency exchange, travel documents, finances, etc.
    • Information about local and University resources

    In Champaign-Urbana, there are two wonderful public libraries for residents to enjoy. The libraries have thousands of books, magazines, newspapers, videos, and music resources. In addition, the library offers wonderful programs for families. All individuals can apply for a library card to utilize these services. Residents will need a photo identification card and proof of residence to apply for a card. A proof of residence letter which lists your name, the names of any family members residing with you, apartment address and monthly rent can be requested at the Family & Graduate Housing Office.

    Urbana Free Library - phone: 217-367-4057
    Champaign Public Library - phone: 217-403-2000

    McKinley Health Center
    McKinley Health Center serves students of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, providing medical services and health education. McKinley offers a wide range of medical services including a pharmacy and health education. McKinley Wellness has eight health educators specializing in alcohol use/abuse, athletic injury, cultural issues, fitness, sexuality, sports nutrition, general nutrition, stress management, and wellness. All of the educators provide a wide variety of services tailored toward their areas of expertise. Spouses of students can purchase the service. Contact McKinley for detailed information.

    McKinley Mental Health
    McKinley’s staff of mental health professionals includes psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. The Mental Health Department at McKinley provides evaluation and consultation for a variety of emotional and behavioral difficulties. Short-term psychotherapy and medication treatment are provided, when indicated.

    McKinley Health Center is located at 1109 S. Lincoln Ave., Urbana, phone 217-333-2701,

    Office for Student Conflict Resolution
    The Office for Student Conflict Resolution provides mediation, adjudication and referral services to students in support of the educational mission of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. These services are designed to:
    • Maintain an environment conducive to academic success • Provide opportunities for personal growth and development
    • Develop responsible leaders and thoughtful citizens • Encourage students to assume personal responsibility for their decisions • Value the rights of all persons • Enhance decision making skills • Develop conflict resolution skills • Advance ethical values development

    Located at 409 Turner Student Services Building, 610 E. John Street, Champaign, phone number 217-333-3680

    The Orchard Downs and Goodwin-Green apartment communities are in the Urbana School District (#116). You can call the Urbana School District Administrative Office with questions at 217-384-3600.

    The Ashton Woods apartment community is in the Champaign School District (Unit 4). You can call the district administrative office with questions at 217-351-3800.

    Student Insurance
    The University requires all eligible students be covered by health insurance and provides a plan for which the fee is automatically assessed along with student tuition and fees. Spouse and dependents can receive this health coverage for a fee. Coverage under the plan is worldwide.

    Move Out

    Abandoned Property
    All items left on the premises (including bicycles and automobiles) at the time of vacating will be removed and disposed of according to university policies.

    Check-Out Procedure
    After you move out of your apartment, it will be inspected by University Facilities staff for damages and cleanliness. In order to avoid damage charges, please complete all of the following items before you move out:
    • Please follow the instructions located in the vacating brochure (pdf). This brochure will outline the cleaning procedures you are required to follow and the charges you can be assessed for damages or cleaning.
    • Remember to leave the cable modem, power supply unit, coaxial cables and Ethernet cable in the apartment (you will be charged if they are missing).
    • Remove personal items (toys, bikes, grills) from balconies, stairwells, and storage areas, including storage lockers at Goodwin-Green. At Goodwin-Green, storage areas should be cleaned.
    • Place all garbage and personal items you wish to dispose of (couches, beds, chairs, etc.) directly into the dumpsters. You will be charged for the removal of any items left in your apartment upon your departure.
    • Clean your apartment well prior to your departure. Your apartment should be in the same condition as the day you moved in. Cleaning and/or abandoned property disposal fees may be assessed otherwise.

    Deposit Return
    If you are terminating your lease early, the housing deposit will be returned to your student account once the termination paperwork is approved. If you do not renew your lease for the following lease term, the deposit will be returned to your student account prior to your departure. If damage charges are assessed after you have moved out, your account will be billed and you will be contacted by the University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations office to pay the outstanding charges.

    Forwarding Address
    In order to serve you better, it is important for you to provide a forwarding address to the Student Accounts Receivable office. Also remember to inform the United States Postal Service of your forwarding address.

    Key Return
    When you vacate your apartment, all keys (including mailbox and laundry keys) must be returned to the Family & Graduate Housing office. If you vacate your apartment on the last day of your lease, all keys must be returned to the office by noon on that day. If you leave during hours the office is closed, please place your keys in an envelope, write your name and address on the envelope, and place it in the drop box outside the front door of the Family & Graduate Housing office by noon (12 p.m.) on your vacate date. There is a supply of small key envelopes located at the drop box for your use.

    If all apartment keys are not returned on the day you vacate your apartment, you will be assessed charges for missing keys and for the installation of a new lock. Residents will also be assessed charges for mailbox keys and laundry keys that are not returned. Please refer to the Family & Graduate Housing vacating brochure for current charges.

    Vacating Procedures
    The Family & Graduate Housing staff has designed a vacating brochure (pdf) for you to use when you are preparing to leave your apartment. This brochure is available online and at the Family & Graduate Housing office. Your apartment will be inspected the first working day after keys have been returned to Family & Graduate Housing. Any charges for cleaning, damages, and/or repairs will be assessed and will be charged to your student account. All items left in the apartment at the time of inspection will be removed and disposed of by the University.

    If you have been using a locker in the basement of Goodwin-Green, please remember to remove all of your personal items. If you have any questions about these vacating procedures, please contact us at the Family & Graduate Housing office