Gender Inclusive

Gender-Inclusive Housing Options

University Housing aims to provide a safe, welcoming home for students of all backgrounds and identities. Read our inclusiveness statement. We are eager to help you find a community!

Finding Your Home

While there is a lot of information on this site about your living options, we know that speaking directly to staff can sometimes be the best way to make a decision. To explore options in University Housing that accommodate your gender identity or gender expression, please contact the Housing Information Office at 217-333-7111 or

Undergraduate residence hall options may include:

  • Gender-inclusive wing in Allen Hall: This community, located in Allen 1 North, offers in-room coed (any gender may live in the same room), and the Allen 1 North wing bathroom is a gender-inclusive bathroom. Individuals of any gender or gender identity will use the same bathroom at the same time. 
  • Wassaja Hall has two clusters of gender-inclusive rooms that allow in-room coed. All bathrooms in the building are individual use. 
  • All of PAR is coed by door (male rooms next to female rooms). Additionally, all of PAR offers in-room coed options and multiple individual-use bathrooms on each floor.
  • ISR offers in-room coed options and multiple individual-use bathrooms on each floor.
  • Nugent Hall offers single or double rooms with individual-use bathrooms in close proximity.
  • Most residence halls are set up with single or double rooms with gender-designated bathrooms on the floor.
  • Single or double suites with attached gender-inclusive bathroom can be found in Bousfield Hall (upper-division students only).

Please note: The Rooms page in the housing contract portal details specifically which rooms are designated as in-room coed.

Graduate upper-division residence hall options may include:

  • Single or double rooms with an attached bathroom (shared with another single or double room)
  • Single or double rooms with a private bath

Apartment assignments may include:

  • One-bedroom apartment with a kitchen and private bath
  • Two-bedroom apartment with a kitchen and shared bath

LGBTQ Resources and Support

In-Hall Staff Support

Once you have moved in, your Resident Advisor (RA) is a great person to turn to for advice, support, and questions. Your Resident Director (RD) is a professional staff member who oversees the administration and activities of your hall and supervises the RA staff. Your RD lives in an apartment in your building.

Student Groups

Within University Housing there are several active hall-based and area-based LGBT organizations. Check with your Resident Director or Resident Advisor to connect with your nearest group.

Campus LGBT Resource Center

We encourage you to connect with the campus LGBT Resource Center