Bias Protocol & Illinois Intervenes

Bias Protocol on Campus and in University Housing 


The Office of the Dean of Students facilitates awareness of bias incidents and hate crimes and encourages all members of the University to reports acts of intolerance. Learn more on their website at

Bias Incident Philosophy

University Housing is committed to fostering an inclusive, safe and respectful environment for its resident and staff.  Therefore, University Housing does not tolerate any acts of bias or discrimination within its communities.  In the event of a bias incident, University Housing has implemented a bias protocol to address and implement corrective action for any offensive acts committed within its facilities.

Bias Incident Protocol in University Housing

1. Any witnesses to the incident reports the details to a Residential Life professional or paraprofessional.

2. A bias response meeting is convened including Assistant Directors, an Area Coordinator, Residence Hall Director and Program Director of Social Justice & Leadership Education to review the report, investigate further, and consider options for parties involved and the community.

3. A response is formulated in the bias response meeting.

4. The response is implemented.

Illinois Intervenes

University Housing staff value the multitude of different voices, opinions, experiences, and identities of the Illinois community. We respect and honor each member of the communities in which we work and live, inclusive of all aspects of the individual and group identity and experience. Our commitment is woven into each of our interaction, programs, and decisions. 

Bystander Intervention Steps

1.) TAKE NOTICE: Consider what is happening around you and who is present. Identities matter. 

2.) TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: Communities are interconnected, and we are accountable to one another. Help ensure what is happening now does no escalate to something larger.

3.) MAKE CHOICES: Directly step in, step up, and speak out. Distract by taking the focus away. Delegate by strategizing with others. Delay by checking in after the incident. 

4.) TAKE ACTION: You have the power and capacity to create change. For you. For those around you. For Illinois. 

Download Illinois Intervenes Poster (pdf)