Caring Staff

University Housing Staff

University Housing's committed, professional staff are here to support you every day of your Illinois experience. We focus on the details of meal planning, nutritional analysis, cooking, cleaning, maintenance, and programming that enhance the academic mission of the University of Illinois—so our residents can focus on their academic success.

Residence Halls

Resident Advisor: Your Resident Advisor (RA) is a student who lives on your floor (or near your floor, at Daniels and Sherman). He or she was selected and trained to assist and support you. RAs throughout the buildings provide programming and various other support services in addition to ensuring that University policies are followed. They are a great resources for getting involved in activities, resolving roommate dilemmas, or if you just need a little help acclimating to campus.

Resident Director: Your Resident Director (RD) is a professional, live-in staff member responsible for overall programming, RA selection, student involvement and leadership, student government advising, and supervising the paraprofessional staff.

Area Coordinator: Your Area Coordinator (AC) manages an area of several halls and supervises the individual halls' professional and student staff.

Complex Director (Daniels and Sherman only)Your Complex Director (CD) manages the overall area of both residence halls and supervises the halls’ professional and student staff.

Living-Learning Community Staff: Living-Learning Community staff can include program directors, program coordinators, peer leaders, academic coordinators, and instructors.  

Area Secretaries and Housing Representatives: Your Area Secretary or Housing Representative works at your area office/hall service desk and is ready to assist you with your administrative needs, such as questions about your mail, room changes, parking, etc.

Housing Facilities Staff: The Housing Facilities Staff is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the building and its systems. The building service workers (BSWs) also clean student bathrooms once a week.

University Apartments

Complex Director: The Complex Director lives in our apartments community, and helps make each resident’s housing experience at the U of I a pleasant one. Residents are invited to call the Complex Director with any questions and concerns, and he or she will provide assistance.

Family Relations Graduate Assistant: The Graduate Assistant for Family Relations provides support and assistance to residents in domestic violence and child abuse situations, educates to promote a heightened awareness of these issues in the community, and provides programs to support families and non-student residents.

Community Aides: Several staff members work to assist residents in University Apartments at Orchard Downs and Goodwin-Green. Thirteen Community Aides serve Orchard Downs and two serve the Goodwin-Green Apartments. Community Aides (CA) can assist residents by providing information about services and programs offered by Family & Graduate Housing, the local community, the Family Housing Council, and other University organizations. Community Aides plan many popular activities and help residents by answering questions about a wide variety of issues. They also assist residents as they transition into the University and Champaign-Urbana community. Each Community Aide is assigned a neighborhood of apartments near the area in which she or he lives. Community Aides work to develop relationships among the residents and act as liaisons between the residents in their neighborhood and the Family & Graduate Housing (FGH) office.

Dining Staff

Unit Managers: Unit Managers supervise the daily operations of each dining hall and ensure that the food and services your receive are meeting your needs. If you have questions or concerns while at the dining hall, be sure to ask any available staff member if you can speak to the manager. 

Dietitian: Our staff nutritionist consults on all dining hall menus, and can also provide individual guidance on a range of topics, from allergies and special dietary needs, to making healthy choices.