Apartment Glossary

What to Expect in the University Apartments

In other countries, an apartment is often referred to as a “flat.” Apartments can be furnished or unfurnished, and may house one or more people. 

The terms below pertain to the apartments operated by University Housing: Orchards Downs, Goodwin-Green, and Ashton Woods.

Co-Tenant (Roommate): A person who shares a two-bedroom apartment with another person who is not a family member.  Both co-tenants are required to sign their own individual apartment lease with the University. The University does not assign co-tenants/roommates so residents who would like to share a two-bedroom apartment with a co-tenant/roommate are responsible for making those arrangements.

Furnished Apartment: A furnished apartment includes bedroom and living room furniture.

Unfurnished Apartment: An unfurnished apartment includes no furniture. The tenant must supply his/her own furniture. The kitchen does include a stove and refrigerator.

Efficiency: A one-room apartment with a small kitchen and a private bathroom.

Sleep Room: One room with a private bathroom, closet, and furniture for the room. There is no kitchen in a sleep room.

Short-Stay Option: An option for people who are looking for short-term housing, from 1 to 11 months. See our Short Stay Options web page.