Housing and Dining Options for Veterans

University Housing is eager to help you find your home on campus! We have a variety of housing options so you can find a community that fits your unique needs. 

Our graduate upper-division residence halls, Sherman and Daniels, can provide a traditional hall experience while also offering a more private, mature environment (students must be sophomores or above to reside in either). Daniels and Sherman residents are not required to have a meal plan, but for those who do choose to purchase one we offer a plan with as few as 6 meals per week.

You can even purchase a meal plan if you live off campus—all are welcome in our dining halls. Additional options include using Illini Cash or a debit/credit card.

If you are more interested in apartment living, or if you plan to bring your family with you, our University Apartments are a great option. For students who plan to bring their pet with them, we even offer a pet-friendly apartment complex (Ashton Woods) on South First Street. Feel free to call the University Apartments office (217) 333-5656 if you would like to discuss the application process or your apartment options with one of our staff members.

ADA/Accessible housing options are also available. 

When you are completing the online housing contract, please be sure to note your veteran status in the application's Special Needs box.

Active Duty and Flexibility

University Housing understands that you may not be able to predict your schedule. If you are called to active duty while living with us, you will not be penalized (but please make sure you complete a contract cancellation to let us know). Our residence hall contract and apartment lease allows for the possibility that you may need to leave campus before the academic year is finished.

Live-In Requirements

Wondering if you are required to live on campus? Students over 21 are not required to live on campus, and University Housing has an exemption waiver process for students under 21 who wish to request to be released from the live-in requirement. Get the waiver form from our Forms and Documents page.

The Housing Information Office is eager to speak with you about your options and what steps you need to take for your housing plans—contact us.