Student Stories

Student Quotes on Taft-Van Doren

"I have loved the opportunity to meet many students of different backgrounds and personalities in TVD. Also, because I like DIY activities, I have enjoyed personalizing my own space." -Elizabeth

"I love the people on my floor and how social everyone is! TVD definitely feels like a family." -Roserry

"My floor has become really close throughout the school year. Also our great RA has made the transition to college so easy." -William

"My roommate Kelly and I love living in Van Doren! It's an incredibly social building, the staff is super genuine and fun, and the location is prime for both of us. We love TVD!" -Brittany 

"The location is the best part. The 22 Ilini comes right to your door, with the ARC to your right and Huff Hall to your left. The IKE is relatively close: you feel like you are in the center of campus. I love TVD!" -Griffin

"The people living in our residence hall are very social and sweet. I could honestly ask any of the girls on my floor to go grab dinner with me without it being awkward. I have made amazing friends!" -Ashley