Student Stories

Student Quotes on Snyder Hall

"When I came to the University of Illinois, I knew many people from my high school were coming here too but none of them were in my residence hall and I was a bit anxious about making new friends.  Within a week I'd found a group and we hung out regularly.  This year I had to opportunity to welcome a couple freshmen into our group and I've also become more involved in my housing community.  Housing events have proved to be a great way to meet new people and relax or take a break from school work.

I plan on coming back to Snyder Hall next year because it's an amazing place to live. The hall staff are approachable, understanding and engaging and the residents are, without a doubt, some of the nicest people I've met in my entire life." -David

"University Housing has done so much for me. First off, I met some of my friends at Snyder last year and I'm still great friends with all of them. Next, I got a lot of help and guidance from my RA Sophie last year. Since last year was my first year at college, it was hard for me to adapt to living on my own, but Sophie surely made my transition to college a lot smoother. Finally, I joined hall council last year as a member and met so many people and had a blast, so this year I chose to take a leadership position in Snyder Hall Council in order to meet more people and further my involvement in an organization I love! I'm planning on staying in Snyder next year because of all the people I meet. I love being around people and Snyder gives me that opportunity." -Archana

"I love the sense of community on our floor and in our hall. Adjusting to college life has been so much easier with the resources and people we have in Snyder Hall." -Kayla

"I really like Snyder Hall because there are a lot of unique, charismatic people that live here. They're all really friendly and kind, and it made my transition to college a lot easier." -Rekha

“A favorite Snyder memory: One time, my friends and I decided to play card games in a lounge, just the four of us. Eventually, more and more people kept stopping in and joining us. Eventually, we had ourselves a full-fledged game night, spontaneously. It was so much fun!” -Mickey

"I have met so many great people in my hall, so they really make it feel like a second home. You don't have to go far to see a friendly face." -Sydney