Student Stories

Student Quotes on PAR

"I love the sense of community on my floor. Everybody knows each other and everyone is always welcome into each other's rooms. There is never a dull moment in Blasidell!" -Harrison

"I am happy living in PAR. Many people are worried about the walking distance, but we have three different buses that can get us anywhere. The rooms are a fairly spacious size and dinning hall is amazing." -Toni

"The thing I like about my hall is that we are like a family. I also like the study areas because they're very helpful." -Sondra

"The community is really great. It was easy to meet a lot of people and make good friends." -Stephanie

"The social atmosphere at PAR is the best part of living here!" -Shmouni

"The best part about Saunders is definitely the friendly community that we have. I come from a thousand miles away and to have neighbors that are welcoming and social is truly fantastic." -Dillon

"I love that the buses run right outside, there's great dining hall, and the friends I have made on my floor!" -Alyssa

"I really enjoy the sense of community that PAR has. It makes me feel that I truly have a 'home away from home' here. Also, the food is delicious!" -Kristen

"I really like the community and atmosphere in the hall. You will always see someone you know walking around the floors or in the dining hall and a lot of people in PAR are outgoing and friendly." -Rachael

"What we like the most about living in PAR is the variety of food that the dining hall offers. The burrito station is one our favorite stations in the dining hall." -Samantha

"My roommate, Krystal, and I love living in Babcock because of the social and inviting environment. We have become very close with the girls on our floor as well as our RA. Late night is great too!" -Sarah