Student Stories

Student Quotes on Nugent Hall

"What I like best about living in my hall is the atmosphere. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. I am a transfer student and had no problem fitting right in. I also love how spacious the rooms are." -Amber

"Nugent Hall is a great place to live on campus because it is so close to the ARC and the Ike Dining Hall. But most importantly, the rooms are very spacious, well-designed, and beautifully finished." -Aaron

"The best part of living in Nugent is the community that developed around us. We cannot adequately express how close we've become to the people we live next to. We're one big family." -Alex

"Everything is so new and nice, the air conditioning is awesome, all the residents are really friendly, and our hallway is really homey and fun just to hang out in." -Arielle

"I love how there are study lounges at every corner for studying and open lounges for hanging out with friends. Having the dorm connected to Ikenberry's SDRP is very convenient." -Christina