Student Stories

Student Quotes on LAR

"I love the size of my room—it's spacious and reminds me of my room at home.  Although it gets a little too hot at times, I like the heat in the winter.  I also enjoy the dining hall meals." -Allyson

"In addition to providing all of the amenities I could ever need, living in LAR allowed me to make long-lasting connections with others that I would not have been able to do otherwise." -Lindsay

"The LAR rooms are pretty big and all of the girls in my wing are really close. It is very clean and just super nice. They also offer a ton of fun activities!" -Allison

"LAR is more than a residence hall— it's a family. It's a floor full of best friends and a building of people we can count on." -Emma

"LAR offers a quiet and peaceful atmosphere for living and studying, while also offering a fun community with lots of opportunities to socialize." -Chris

"There's such a friendly atmosphere here; the building service workers are so nice and they keep everything perfectly clean. LAR is so classy!" -Jennifer

"My RA is super nice, and I've made life-long friends with the girls in my hall." -Colleen