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LAR Floor Plans

Leonard Hall

Shelden Hall

Room Dimensions


LAR rooms have furniture constructed of solid wood.A double room has two beds, two desks, two chairs, two closets, two chests of drawers, two bookcases, two pedestal cabinets, and two hanging bed shelves (one set for each student). 


  • 30" w x 23-1/4" d x 30" h (no light)
  • Expandable pull-out top

Three-drawer chest

  • 28" w x 23-1/2" d x 30" h
  • Can be padlocked (student provides own lock)
  • Expandable pull-out top

Pedestal cabinet

  • 19-1/4" w x 23-1/4" d x 30" h (planned for placement next to desk to provide more work area)
  • Bottom drawer has space for hanging file folders
  • Expandable pull-out top


  • 28-3/4" w x 11" d x 27-3/4" h (for safe stacking, chest has divots on top to place feet of other bookshelf unit)

Hanging bed shelf

  • 29" w overall; 21-3/4" between brackets x 10" d


  • Mattresses are twin, extra-long, 6" thick with dual firmness levels (firm or extra firm, depending on which side is up)
  • Default Furniture Configuration: Both beds at mid-loft height; 38" from top of mattress to floor
  • 28" clearance from bottom of bed frame to floor.