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LAR Floor Plans

Leonard Hall

Shelden Hall

Room Dimensions


LAR rooms have new, loftable furniture constructed of solid wood. A double room has two beds, two desks, two chairs, two closets, two chests of drawers, two bookcases, two pedestal cabinets, and two hanging bed shelves (one set for each student).


  • 30" w x 23-1/4" d x 30" h (no light)
  • Expandable pull-out top

Three-drawer chest

  • 28" w x 23-1/2" d x 30" h
  • Can be padlocked (student provides own lock)
  • Expandable pull-out top

Pedestal cabinet

  • 19-1/4" w x 23-1/4" d x 30" h (planned for placement next to desk to provide more work area)
  • Bottom drawer has space for hanging file folders
  • Expandable pull-out top


  • 28-3/4" w x 11" d x 27-3/4" h (for safe stacking, chest has divots on top to place feet of other bookshelf unit)

Hanging bed shelf

  • 29" w overall; 21-3/4" between brackets x 10" d


  • Bed is typically set as mid loft 38" from top of mattress to floor, but can be adjusted in 2" increments up to 78" h (with use of loft kit). Please note: Before configuring your bed to the highest setting, be aware that Shelden and Leonard have 7'-6" high ceilings. If you set your bed to the highest lofting position, that leaves only about 18" clearance from the ceiling. See Instructions: How to Loft | How to Change the Bed Height (pdf)
  • Mattresses are twin, extra-long, 6" thick with dual firmness levels (firm or extra firm, depending on which side is up)