Student Stories

Student Quotes on ISR

"After living in ISR last year, I decided to come back again due to the friendships and memories made here. The lounges are always a perfect balance between a studious and fun atmosphere." -Ivanna

"ISR is so much fun to live in. All of my friends live in the dorm so its very easy to see everyone. ISR is also very close to the quad so its very convenient in terms of going to classes." -Ming

"I love how close I am to the quad and all of the engineering buildings, and also how close I am to all of my new friends that I have made in my dorm. ISR does a good job of taking care of me." - Bobby

"We like that we can conveniently get to our classes and that the specialty restaurant Taste of Asia is here!" -Brittany

"The atmosphere is a perfect balance for students. It's not too loud or too quiet. It feels like home to me!" -Amanda

"I like the hospitality of my hall. It feels like home to me. Therefore, my roommate and I tried to incorporate a sense of home in our room." -Curnisha

"Living in ISR is nice because it's a really close walk to the Quad. It's quiet at times, but I'm always meeting new people when I'm hanging out or studying in the lounge." - Annabelle

"I like living in Wardall because it's so conveniently located near all my classes and I definitely enjoy not having to cook for myself." -Michelle

"Wardall Hall has a great location and a friendly atmosphere. There are always fun events in the lounge. We have a fantastic view of the Quad and the rest of campus on the south side of the building!" -Erin

"My RA was always responsive to programming ideas and I loved how I can just roll out of bed in the morning and conveniently cross the street for physics." -Erica