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Barton-Lundgren Floor Plans

Barton Hall

Lundgren Hall

Room Dimensions

Beds in Barton and Lundgren are most often bunked.


Student room furniture in Barton Hall and Lundgren Hall is constructed of solid wood. A double room has two beds, two desks, two chairs, two closets, one under-bed drawer unit (with two drawers; one per student), and two bookcases (mounted to the wall). Closets are typically 3 x 3'.


  • 50" w x 26" d x 31" h
  • Top drawer is 22-1/4" w x 23" d x 3" h (divided into three equal sections left to right)
  • Second drawer is 22-1/4" w x 23" d x 4" h
  • Third and fourth drawers are 22-1/4" w x 23" d x 6" h (each)

Bookcase on wall

  • Top shelf is 39" w x 11.5" h x 9-1/4" d
  • Bottom shelf is 7-3/4" d (bottom shelf)

Under-bed drawer units

  • 42" w x 33"d x 5-1/2"  h per drawer (two drawers per unit; one per student)


  • All beds are extra-long twin size
  • Beds when bunked: bottom bed is approximately 14"  from floor to top of mattress, bottom of the top bed is 50"  off floor, and top of top mattress to ceiling is 36" h. 
  • If the beds are bi-leveled, the two beds are separated, leaving one bed higher off the ground and the other bed at standard height. The 2-drawer unit is placed under the lower bed. The space underneath the higher bed may be utilized for storage. Only one of the two beds in the room can be above standard height. The overall dimensions of the higher bed are: (L) 84 1/2" x (W) 42 1/8" x (H) 41 1/16" 
  • If the beds are separated, both beds are at standard height, and the 2-drawer unit is placed under one bed.