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Barton-Lundgren Floor Plans

Barton Hall

Lundgren Hall

Room Dimensions 


Student room furniture in Barton Hall and Lundgren Hall is constructed of solid wood. A double room has two beds, two desks, two chairs, two closets, one under-bed drawer unit (with two drawers; one per student), and two bookcases (mounted to the wall). Closets are typically 3 x 3'.

Due to COVID-19, Bed Configuration Requests are suspended until further notice.


  • 50" w x 26" d x 31" h
  • Top drawer is 22-1/4" w x 23" d x 3" h (divided into three equal sections left to right)
  • Second drawer is 22-1/4" w x 23" d x 4" h
  • Third and fourth drawers are 22-1/4" w x 23" d x 6" h (each)

Bookcase on wall

  • Top shelf is 39" w x 11.5" h x 9-1/4" d
  • Bottom shelf is 7-3/4" d (bottom shelf)

Under-bed drawer units

  • 42" w x 33"d x 5-1/2"  h per drawer (two drawers per unit; one per student)


  • All beds are extra-long twin size
  • Fall 2020 Default Furniture Configuration: Bi-level with one bed on the floor and one bed at mid-loft height. The 2-drawer unit is placed under the lower bed. The space underneath the higher bed may be utilized for storage. The overall dimensions of the higher bed are: (L) 84 1/2" x (W) 42 1/8" x (H) 41 1/16."