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Sherman Floor Plans

Room Dimensions


Room furniture in Sherman Hall is constructed of solid wood, featuring customizable configurations.

Each double room has two desks, two chairs, two beds, two pedestal cabinets, two door cabinets, two 3-drawer chests, six shelves (attached to wall), and two micro-fridges (small microwave and refrigerator combo).

Furniture dimensions below are the same for both single and double rooms.


  • 29" w x 26" d (39" d with bread-board extension) x 30-1/4" h
  • Pencil drawer inside is 26" w x 20-3/4" d x 1-1/2" h
  • Knee space under desk is 24-1/4" h


  • Three shelves on wall measure 13" d x 51" w
  • Bottom shelf has a light 25" up from top of desk
  • Middle shelf is 13" h up from bottom shelf
  • Top shelf is 11-1/4" h up from middle shelf

Pedestal cabinet

  • 20" w x 24-1/2" d (38" d with bread-board extension) x 30-1/4" h 
  • One drawer (with locking by padlock) inside is 17" w x 20-3/4" d x 5-1/4" h; front is 9-1/2" h
  • Open space below drawer has one adjustable shelf 3/4" thick x 20-1/2" d; overall space is 18" w x 17-1/2" h x 22" d

Three-drawer chest

  • 29-1/2" w x 24-1/4" d (38" d with bread-board extension)x 30" h
  • All three drawers inside are 26-1/2" w x 20-3/4" d x 5-1/4" h; fronts are 8" h

Door cube

  • 20" w x 24-1/4" d x 30" h, with locking by padlock; door swings to the right
  • Inside measures 18" w x 22" d x 26-3/4" h, with one adjustable shelf 3/4" thick x 20-1/2" d


  • Beds are not loftable.
  • Standard height from the floor to the top of mattress is 38-1/2" high.
  • Bed height in can be adjusted up or down in 3 inch increments up to a maximum of 65-1/2" high. If the bed is lowered, some of the other furniture may not fit under the bed and may need to be removed from the room.
  • Bed ends are 63" high.