Graduate Upper-Division Staff

The staff are excited to get to know you and to help make you feel at home in your hall. The Graduate Upper-Division staff are selected and trained to support the needs of our unique community, and serve both GUD Halls, Sherman and Daniels, and work collaboratively to build a coherent experience for our diverse population. You may contact us by email at

Staff Overview 

The Complex Coordinator, Residence Director, and the Housing Representative make up the GUD Halls Leadership Team. They supervise staff and are responsible for overall operations of the two halls.

Desk Clerks provide services at your 24-hour front desk. Resident Advisors enforce policies, serve as resources, and plan events. The Multicultural Advocate plans social justice outreach and education. Resident Advisors and the Multicultural Advocate are assigned Curriculum Teams that guide their efforts to provide resources and events relevant to your interests based on the Illinois Residential Experience. You'll come to know your Building Service Worker as they clean resident bathrooms each week. The Maintenance Staff are responsible for repairs.

Contact Information

Residence Director

Samantha (Sam) Danico
(217) 300-1138
139 Sherman and 144 Daniels

The Residence Director (RD) is responsible for the daily work of the Resident Advisors and the Multicultural Advocate, including programming, events and community engagement. The RD implements the Illinois Residential Experience (the Residential Curriculum for the GUD Halls), hears the hall conduct cases for the area, and advises the Resident Leadership Board (RLB).

Sam joined the team at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Spring 2017 after serving as an Assistant Area Coordinator at the University of Memphis. While there, she earned her master’s degree in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Study. Sam is a native of New Hampshire where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Saint Anselm College and started her Student Affairs career as an Experience Director at Franklin Pierce University.  In her free time, Sam enjoys geocaching, playing records from her vinyl collection, and cooking.

Housing Representative

Ronnie Turner-Winston 
(217) 300-2577
140-A Sherman and 125-A Daniels 

The Housing Representative is the lead customer service provider and operates the Sherman and Daniels desks. They supervise the desk and mail clerks. Common resident interactions with the Housing Representative include questions about mail and packages, early arrival and late departure requests, and hall tours.

Ronnie joined the Family and Graduate Housing team in 2013. She is a military veteran serving in the United States Air Force where she received a degree from the Community College of the Air Force in Chapel Management. She also has earned an Associate's Degree in Business Management from Parkland College, a Bachelors from Eastern Illinois University in Organizational Professional Development, and a Masters in Technology with an emphasis on Training from Eastern Illinois University in 2014. She will complete a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership in 2018.

Ronnie is a native of the Washington DC metropolitan area and mother of four residing in Urbana. She volunteers countless hours to multiple veterans organizations, church, and other groups in the Champaign/Urbana area.

Complex Coordinator

Steve R. Parsons
(217) 244-5458
127 Daniels Hall

The Complex Coordinator is responsible for the overall leadership of the Graduate Upper-Division Halls. He directly supervises the Housing Representative and Residence Director, and co-advises the paraprofessionals. Steve serves on a number of housing-wide project teams and committees.

Steve came to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1999 as the Resident Director of Forbes Hall. He transitioned into his current role in 2001. Steve also advises the local chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha. He has a master's degree in political science with an emphasis in public administration and a BA in government from Eastern Kentucky University.  A native Kentuckian, he loves to hike, camp, and travel and explore local restaurants.

Building Service Foreperson

Cheryl Mayer and Sharon Camacho

Maintenance Inspectors

Shane Bodine (Daniels) and Darryl Hicks (Sherman)

2019–2020 Multicultural Advocate

Yemariam Eyob, Sherman Hall
Kai Oliver, Daniels Hall

2019–2020 Resident Advisors and Floor Areas

Natalie Briggs–Daniels 301-321, 401-421, and 501-510

James Trout–Daniels 044-061, 148-161, and 251-261

Elizabeth Oladokun–Daniels 323-361 and 436-461

Paris Smith–Sherman 501-568 

Octavio Pena–Daniels 101-114 and 201-249

Kevin Kawarski–Sherman 101-134 and 201-234 

Katherine Hinojosa–Sherman 446-468, 646-668, and 846-868 

Taylor Thompkins–Sherman 301-334 and 401-434 

Daniel Chung–Sherman 148-168, 246-268, and 346-368 

Tianshu Yang–Daniels 511-521, 601-621, and 701-721 

Martin Castro–Sherman 746-768, 946-968, and 1046-1068 

Surya Nair–Sherman 1146-1168, 1246-1268,  and1346-1368 


Need to reach our staff? Email us at