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Daniels Floor Plans

Room Dimensions

Some rooms have a private bathroom. There are also rooms that have semi-private bathrooms, and a few double rooms.


Room furniture in Daniels Hall is constructed of solid wood. A single room has one bed, one chest of drawers, one under-bed drawer unit, one desk, one study carrel (bookcase-type unit on top of desk), one rolling printer stand, one chair, and a micro-fridge (small microwave and refrigerator combo). 


  • Headboard is 39-3/4" h x 41" w; footboard is 33" h x 41" w top of mattress to floor is 20".
  • No bunking available.
  • Under-bed drawer unit is two drawers each 37-1/4" w x 23" d x 5-1/2" h inside; fronts are 8" h
  • For double rooms: the heavier bed with large wood drawer units underneath is placed in the low position, while the lighter bed is placed in the mid-level position. The two roommates decide together on who gets which bed


  • 30" w x 21" d x 42" h
  • Drawer 1 inside is split in half each side 9-3/4" w x 15" d x 5-1/2" h front is 7-1/2" h
  • Drawers 2 & 3 inside are 20" w x 15" d x 5-1/2" h fronts are 7-1/2" h
  • Drawer 4 inside is 20" w x 15" d x 9-1/2" h front is 12" h


  • 26" d x 52" w x 30-1/4" h
  • Pencil drawer inside is 33-1/2" w x 15-1/4" d x 2" h; front flips down to hold keyboard.
  • Knee space is 23-1/4" h

Rolling printer cart

  • 22-1/2" w x 25" d x 18" h
  • One drawer is 12" w x 17" d x 9-1/4" h; will accommodate hanging file folders

Study carrel

  • Overall measurements are 43-1/4" h x 48" w x 9" d