Honors Living-Learning Community

Honors LLC

About Honors LLC

The Honors Living-Learning Community is moving to Wardall Hall floors 6 through 12 for 2021-2022. Designed specifically for James Scholars and Campus Honors Program students, this community offers special interdisciplinary courses, allowing Honors LLC residents greater interaction with Honors faculty. Curricular and co-curricular aspects of the LLC are designed around the LLC’s three pillars: Inquiry, Civic Engagement and Leadership. 

Selection Process

Current students may choose the Honors LLC during Housing Sign-Up

New, incoming students may choose the Honors LLC if available spaces remain during new student Room Selection.

Important Notes:

  • Students in this community must be a James Scholar or part of the Campus Honors Program.
  • Students DO NOT get to pull their roommate with them if they apply to the LLC due tothe popularity of the LLC and limited spaces. 
  • To enhance the interdisciplinary nature of this LLC, the community will be made of the following: 50% of spaces will go to students from the larger colleges (i.e., LAS, Engineering), and 50% of spaces will go to students from the smaller colleges (i.e., FAA, Applied Health Sciences).
  • The community is made up of 50% returning students and 50% first-year students.
  • First-year Honors LLC students take a one-credit-hour course. This course introduces students to the Honors Living-Learning Community, their fellow Honors LLC students, and Honors programs at the University of Illinois.
  • Each student's college and honors status will be in our database— so when you are in the process of choosing a room, you will see any available Honors LLC rooms for which you qualify.
  • If you are a James Scholar or part of the Campus Honors Program but do not see any Honors LLC spaces available in our system, one of the following has likely occurred: we have filled all available spaces for your class type (returning student or first-year student), we have filled all available spaces for your college type (large or small), or the whole LLC has filled.

Move-In and Fall Orientation

The Move-In date for the Honors LLC will be Monday, August 16 and Tuesday, August 17. Orientation for Fall 2021 is scheduled for Wednesday, August 18 through Thursday, August 19. The Orientation program is an opportunity for Honors LLC residents to move in early, participate in fun and exciting activities, and get to know your new home and campus. Orientation will be something you won’t want to miss, as it is usually one of the best of times for first year students in living learning communities. For a small fee that covers early arrival housing and meals, you will be some of the first students to arrive on campus, which gives you a head start on making new friends and building connections with future faculty! 

If you sign up, attendance is required at all Orientation events to be charged the Orientation fee versus being charged the early move-in, per night fee.

Honors Abroad

Students have the opportunity to enroll in an 8-week course that includes a 10-day abroad component. In the past years, Honors embarked on an adventure to Costa Rica (winter break) and London & Paris (spring break). The course for Costa Rica is Culture, Society, & Health, and London & Paris is Culture, Society, and the Arts. These courses are an additional fee. The program has currently been put on hold due to COVID-19, but should resume in Fall 2022. 

Required Course

First-year students must enroll in either ENG 177: Global Health or CHP 199: Special Topics: Uncommon Reads to maintain eligibility for the Honors LLC.


See the rates for 2021-2022 to live in Wardall Hall.

Honors LLC residents pay an additional fee of $300 for the academic year to support the co-curricular and extracurricular learning opportunities offered in this community.