Business Living-Learning Community

The Business LLC is designed to serve students who want to pursue business as a field of study, seek to enhance their interest in business, or want to develop a foundational understanding of how business interacts with other fields.

Business LLC Fall Orientation

Orientation for Fall 2022 is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday evening, August 16 through Thursday, August 18. The Orientation program is an optional opportunity for Business LLC residents to move in early, participate in fun and exciting activities, and get to know your new home and campus. Orientation will be something you won’t want to miss, as it is usually one of the best of times for first year students in living learning communities. For a small fee that covers early arrival housing and meals, you will be some of the first students to arrive on campus, which gives you a head start on making friends and building connections with future faculty!

Additional information about the Business LLC Fall Orientation can be found here.

About the Business LLC

The Business Living-Learning Community is a collaboration between University Housing and the Gies College of Business. Residents come from a wide range of majors and backgrounds, work together to explore business practices and engage in problem-solving and extracurricular activities that provide real-world context and experience. Students enhance their learning through partnerships with faculty, staff and leaders from various facets of the business world. 


The Business LLC is located on the third and fourth floors of Nugent Hall.

Nugent Hall is located in the Ikenberry Commons in Champaign, and it's just two blocks from the Business Instructional Facility (BIF) and other business classrooms.

Who Can Participate?

Any student pursuing a business degree or those from any major seeking to enhance their expertise in business.

How can new students apply to live in the Business LLC? 

Within 48 hours of accepting admission to the University and receiving an Enterprise Login, new students should be able to complete the online Housing application.

Rank the Business LLC among your top choices and complete the short LLC essay (you will be prompted when you select any of the LLCs from the options on the Housing application). Additional information about the essay can be found below.

Students who rank the Business LLC among their preferences, and complete the LLC essay by the May 15 priority deadline will be considered for an LLC priority time slot during the room selection process. During this time, approved students will be able to select their room and confirm their spot in the Business LLC before the room selection process opens to the general student population. 

See the How to Apply page for more details on completing your University Housing application.  Please refer additional questions to the Housing Information Office.

How can reassigning students apply to live in the Business LLC if moving from another hall on campus?

All reassigning students who are coming to the Business LLC are asked to also complete a short LLC essay. 

Essay Requirement

The Business LLC is a popular living-learning community so admission is competitive. Both first-year and new students transferring to the Business LLC from another hall should complete the essay. 

The essay question is as follows (100-250 words):  What do you hope to gain from, and what do you plan to contribute to the Living-Learning Community that you have put as your preference?

Programs and Features

Business LLC residents benefit from access to special courses, guest speakers, and resources to strengthen their development as future business professionals. There are sections of business-related courses offered in nearby classrooms that residents can attend. Curricular and co-curricular aspects of the LLC are designed around developing a business mindset that is global, goal-driven, resilient, integrity-centered, and analytic.


See the rates for 2022–2023 to live in Nugent Hall.

Business LLC residents pay an additional fee of $300 for the academic year to support the co-curricular and extracurricular learning opportunities offered in this community.