Weston Staff

Weston Exploration Staff

Program Director 

Mary McGrath
15 Weston Hall
(217) 300-1925

Resident Director

Kaniah Jackson (Interim)

Division of General Studies Academic Advisor

Office Hours in Weston: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1:30–4:30 p.m. (by appointment only)

13 Weston Hall
(217) 333-4710

McKinley Center Wellness and Stress Management Advisor

Office Hours in Weston: Tuesday 3–5 p.m.

Jen Carson

14 Weston Hall

(217) 244-9700 

The Career Center Career Counselor

Office Hours in Weston: Tuesday 3–5 p.m. 

16 Weston Hall

(217) 244-9700

Weston Exploration & LEADS Program Office Secretary

Gail Pring
17 Weston Hall
(217) 244-9700

Ikenberry North Area Staff

Area Coordinator

Demetrius Gary
(217) 333-4134
1122 Nugent Hall

Area Secretary


Dining Unit Manager

Keith Garrett

Building Service Foreman

Sandy Willfong

Maintenance Inspector

Gene Josephitis

Building Services Supervisor

Rod Campbell

Maintenance Supervisor

Aaron Lewis and Michael Park