Student Stories

Student Quotes on Weston

Also be sure to see short videos Weston residents made on Facebook about why they love their hall!

"Weston is such a sociable hall. I have enjoyed every second of my time here, going out with people from my floor, hanging out with the whole dorm, and meeting my roommate and my four new best friends." -Erin

"Thanks to University Housing, I have met two special friends who have turned into a brother and sister. We work together as Resident Advisors for one of the best Residence Halls on campus, Weston Hall. Because of University Housing I have found two people that I can always depend on and friendships that will last a lifetime. We study every night together in the Ikenberry Library sharing our daily stories, jokes and pick me up lines when one of our days just isnt going that well. Its amazing the friendships that you will build just by choosing to live in University Housing. We all never knew each other, seen each other, or even talked to each other daily prior to being Resident Advisors in Weston Hall, and thanks to University Housing we have people that we will share college memories with for years." -Nicholas

"What I like most about living in Weston is that I was able to meet so many people, customize the room with my roommate, take classes here, and experience this once in a lifetime college tradition." -Maggy

"I love Weston because of all of the people that live here and all of the resources we are provided. I especially love my room because it is so bright and sunny when the sun comes in." -Alexandria

"I love the social aspect to Weston.  Doors are always open and people are constantly hanging out in the halls, lounge, classrooms, or in each others' rooms.  Weston is very comfortable and fun." -Lindsay

"I love the community, friendship, learning and leadership opportunities, abundance of activities, delicious food, being able to have a second family, support from staff, not having to worry. -Ashley

"What I like most about living in Weston is the fun atmosphere! The residents and staff are really nice and we've met a lot of friends!" -Margaret