Overview of Weston Exploration

Welcome to the Weston Exploration Program!

Weston Exploration is a unique opportunity for students to carefully examine their interests and career options, utilizing tremendous on-site resources.

As one of the Living-Learning Communities in the University's residence halls system, Weston Hall has facilities, resources, and professionals to assist residents in exploration and discovery of academic major and career interests.

If you are still exploring your major and are exploring different career possibilities, check out what Weston has to offer you. Although Weston Exploration is home to many Division of General Studies students, our residents come from every College on campus. Your academic success is our primary goal—so we have amazing on-site resources, talented academic/career/wellness advisors, and engaging programs and events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to come and visit Weston Exploration?

Absolutely!  We really enjoy meeting prospective students and their parents! To schedule a visit or to get in contact with one of our Weston Exploration Staff or Student Ambassadors, please send an email to exphall@illinois.edu.

What resources/advantages does the Weston Exploration program offer students?

There are many resources available to you at Weston Hall. In addition to a great number of courses and air-conditioned classrooms/study areas, Weston offers access to online career exploration tools as well as a resource library with a wide variety of books and career/major exploration tools. We are most proud of our resources! There is a Division of General Studies advisor in Weston Hall on Wednesdays each week. We are located next door to the Student Dining and Residential Programs building, housing a state of the art dining facility, music practice rooms, large and small event space, a convenience store, library, ample study space, a workout room, a coffee shop and student organization space!

In addition, there is a full time Program Director, Residence Hall Director, and ten Resident Advisors, all of whom work diligently to create a dynamic living and learning environment. The biggest advantage to living in Weston is that you will have all of these excellent resources and staff right in the building where you live.

Are there specific requirements to participating in the WEX program?

While participation in exploration events is highly encouraged, WEX students are not required to participate in Exploration events or classes. However, our staff provides such a wide variety of events, workshops, courses and resources that anyone can benefit from participating in even just one event. There is also an additional fee for living in Weston.

Do I have to be undecided, General Curriculum or General Studies to live in Weston Exploration?

Absolutely not! While some of our resources are specifically geared towards students who are exploring different majors or careers, there are still things for “decided” student to take advantage of. Resume workshops, local field trips, social events, summer jobs and internship workshops, speakers, business etiquette dinners, and a variety of career fairs are just a few of the things that you will find very useful, even if you have your major and know exactly what you want to do for your career.

How can I get involved in the hall?

In Weston Hall, there are many opportunities to get involved. You can become a member of the Weston Hall Council, a group that plans programs and distributes money to others for programming. This group is highly fluid, and can become whatever the students want it to be. You can also start your own group in Weston Hall centered around your interests, whether it is a Running Club, the Mario Kart Players, or watching your favorite TV shows. There are also chances to be involved in the Residence Hall Judicial Commission, the Illini Guide program, and the Weston Exploration Fall Orientation Team. If you ever have questions about getting involved, you can just ask a staff member; they are knowledgeable about involvement opportunities across campus.

How do I sign up for a WEX course?

A complete list of courses is emailed to all Weston Exploration students prior to registration and is also available on our courses web page. You can register for a WEX course like you do any other course. Please remember to inform your academic advisor that you are a member of the WEX community so that you can see if these classes fit your schedule. If you have any problems registering for a WEX or LLC course, please contact our program office at 217-244-9700 or exphall@illinois.edu.

What is the WEX Fall Orientation Program?

WEX students are fortunate to have the opportunity to arrive on campus two days earlier than the rest of campus to participate in a wide variety of fun and interesting events. The WEX orientation program is coordinated by returning WEX students and is a great way to get to know campus and your fellow Exploration residents before the campus orientation even begins! Registration information will be emailed to all WEX students in early June. For more information, please visit the Fall Orientation page.

Is there an additional cost to living in Weston?

Yes, there is an additional cost of $276 per year.

Can I connect with Weston residents on Facebook or Twitter?

Yes!  Check out the Weston Facebook page and find us on Twitter.