Admission to Weston Exploration

Weston Exploration Admissions

How can new students apply to live in Weston Exploration?

New students should rank Weston Exploration as one of their top choices while completing the Housing Contract online AND complete the short LLC essay. You cannot complete your contract until 24 to 48 hours after you have accepted your admission to the University and received your Enterprise Login. Students who rank Weston Exploration as their #1 or #2 room preference and complete the LLC essay by the May 15 priority deadline will be considered for an LLC priority time slot during the room selection process. During the LLC priority room selection time, approved students will be able to select their room and confirm their spot in the Weston Exploration LLC before the room selection process opens to the general student population and students who have not completed these tasks. As such, you are highly encouraged to complete the LLC essay. Additional information about the essay can be found below. You can access the Housing Contract by visiting the Apply Now page.

See the How to Apply page for more details on completing your University Housing contract.

How can reassigning students apply to live in Weston Exploration if moving from another hall on campus?

All reassigning students who are coming to WEX are asked to also complete a short LLC essay.

Essay Requirement

Weston Exploration is a popular living-learning community so admission is competitive. Both first-year and new students transferring to Weston from another hall should complete the essay.

The essay question is as follows (100-250 words):  What do you hope to gain from and what do you plan to contribute to the Living-Learning Community that you have preferenced?

Visiting Weston Exploration

Want to know more about Weston Exploration? Interested in speaking to one of our current WEX students? If so, please contact our Program Office to set up a time to meet with the Program Director! You can call our office (217) 244-9700 or email us to schedule some time with our staff. While we are not able to show resident rooms in Weston Hall, tours of University Housing residence halls are available in other halls in the Ikenberry Commons neighborhood. The tour of Snyder Hall will give you the best perspective of what rooms look like in Weston Hall. Check out the University Housing Tours locations and schedule.