Student Stories

What WIMSE Students Say About the Program

"Living in WIMSE allowed me to feel comfortable, like I was with my own people. Scientists and nerds and girls. They mix really well and it definitely made me feel grounded at the U of I." -Rachel (Psychology)

“I think that living in WIMSE you get to meet a whole lot of different people and cultivate friendships with women who can relate to you because they are going through some of the exact same things...these friendships are things to cherish for a lifetime.”
-Candice (Bioengineering)

“WIMSE is a very helpful learning community. They have different programs to help you in your classes and tutors to help you understand your homework. WIMSE has really benefited me in many ways and I recommend it to everyone.”
-Adeola (LAS General Curriculum)

“. . . truly, WIMSE has helped me my freshman year in many aspects. I feel better acquainted to the campus because of the orientation the first few days I was here. WIMSE has also helped me find my bearings socially and academically. Because I am in WIMSE, I have met girls with similar interests and goals and probably women that I will be friends with my entire life. The tutoring hours that WIMSE provides are convenient for me, and because of my girl friends here, I have ‘study buddies’ who understand a lot of what I'm doing and can help me out. I really am glad about the decision I made to be in WIMSE—I feel like it helped me adjust and that I am part of something positive.”
-Kat (General Engineering)

“WIMSE provided a close community that made transferring from a small school to the University easier. There is always someone around who understands a problem you're having, whether it's chemistry, midterms, or what to do on a Saturday night. I've found friends for life.”
-Sarah (Neuroscience)

“WIMSE is a special world we live in. The people in the halls are very friendly... Some of the best interactions that occur are in the computer lab, which we have on every WIMSE floor!”
-Veena (Electrical Engineering)

“I find WIMSE has helped a lot to introduce me to the kind of people who will become real good, dependable friends in the future.”
-Anuradha (Engineering Physics)