The WIMSE staff encourages you to get to know your Resident Advisor (RA), your WIMSE Peer Leader, and the professional staff members that work with WIMSE. Please do not hesitate to contact any one of us!

The WIMSE staff can help you …

  • Learn about the services available to you through WIMSE which include tutoring, study groups, WIMSE courses, and other support services to help you succeed academically.
  • Learn about the University in general
  • Find out about leadership opportunities through WIMSE and on-campus
  • Understand where to go for academic advising
  • Learn about career services

Staff Information 

Yulisa Lin, Program Director
906 College Court
PAR 107 MC-018
Urbana, IL 61801
PH: (217) 244-6374
FX: (217) 333-5850

Emily Betterton, Resident Director



Sarah Kirsch, Office Support Associate
906 College Court
PAR 106 MC-018
Urbana, IL 61801
PH: (217) 265-0534
FX: (217) 333-5850