WIMSE Programs

2019–2020 WIMSE Programs

Annual Trip

September 28–29

This popular weekend trip is covered by the WIMSE programming fee and is free to WIMSE residents. This fall we will visit Indianapolis, IN for a tour of the Dallara IndyCar Factory to get an inside scoop on the engineering of race cars and test drive them. We'll dine in the city, have time to take in a show, and dialogue about our experiences.

The Beckman Connection

Go on a special tour and attend a reception at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology. Learn about the incredible research going on at Beckman, meet the faculty, staff, and students involved, and find out how you can you can get into research! Tours/receptions happen three times a year. 

Researchers Initiative

Open to any student in Global Crossroads, Health Professions, Intersections, and WIMSE. See the Researchers Initiative page for more information.

Social, Intellectual, and Practical Programs

Based on student feedback, there will be a focus on providing more practical programs such as resume writing or how to volunteer. About half the students wanted to see more social and intellectual programs, but half said, keep the same amount. One thing is for sure, WIMSE residents love arts and crafts, and those types of programs will remain.

Student Programs

Peer Mentors offer monthly programs that are fun and address being a woman in the STEM fields.

Residents are a lively bunch and often start their own programs. What will they be this year? Additionally, arts and crafts programs have been a popular tradition at WIMSE — great stress-relief for all that intense studying.