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Student Testimonials

"To me, Allen was the best intro into college I could have asked for. So many resources and I made friends for life. It was such a wonderful environment and I must admit I miss the community." -Jenny Hanson

“What initially attracted me to Allen Hall was the advertised sense of community. I suppose that sounds somewhat cheesy, but it's true. The people I have met here are friendly and are also wanting that sense of community in this big university. It's the mindset for a community atmosphere that brings the community feeling to Allen. It is definitely here and especially noticeable through the activities planned here in Allen including floor volleyball tournaments, variety shows, etc. It's a great place to live!” -Beth/Secondary Education

"Allen Hall gave me the closest group of friends that I've had and known for my entire college career and post graduation as well, I loved it here!" -Sigmund Ku

"I really enjoyed my time at Allen. There's a very strong community here and it's a really great place to make friends.  From coffee houses to Bubble tea night, to all-out dance parties, there is always something fun going on." -Sara Lloyd

"Allen Hall was like a family to me. I especially loved all the Unit One classes, getting to stay in my pj's all day and going to classes with my friends and neighbors. I miss that." -Tina Ruskyls

"Coming back to Allen Hall is like coming home to a living room full of good old friends." -Anna Patterson

"Allen means having good friends down the hall. Taking good classes in my pj's (also down the hall), and it means feeling a part of a unique community!" -Allie Rustin

"Almost all of the friends I have as a senior, I met at Allen Hall." -Michael Clark

"Allen Hall was always a comfortable environment to be a part of. Everyone was always tolerant of everyone else's differences." -Alison Rigell

"Allen Hall was family and community for me." -Silvia Gonzalez

"Living in Allen made the university smaller. I met lifelong friends here." -Alex Tsaparis

"Allen was where I met all of my closest friends. We all bonded over dinner, and late nights in the main lounge." -Kathryn Sipple

"Allen was a place where the future was always exciting." -Dan Clausius

“I like Unit One because it takes out time to make interesting programs. Its the best. I wouldn't live anywhere else.” -Toyas/Political Science

“The people are great. There is a friendly community atmosphere, with a diverse and socially accepting environment.” -Phil/History

“I like the availability of all the resources through Unit One and Allen. Not many people can brag about having a ceramics lab, library, computer lab, and music rooms in the basement. Plus, I love the people.” -Jenn/Civil Engineering

“For me, Allen Hall has provided an environment that has helped me study and promoted my involvement in extracurricular activities. Through Allen, I was able to get free voice lessons and take a music theory class. The location of the hall is good, close to most classes and the libraries and across from a gym.” -Ben/Cell and Structural Biology

“The Guest-In-Residence program is fun and worthwhile. Students have the opportunity to interact with guests-in-residence. I find it interesting, especially when they are weird or revolutionaries. Allen Hall usually does have some fine guests-in-residence. The Unit One program here is priceless...perhaps the single best aspect of Allen Hall.” -Sandeep/Biochemistry

Our Alumni

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Eboo Patel
Eboo Patel wrote Acts of Faith.
Hear him on "This I Believe" on NPR & WILL-AM.
"Acts of Faith” by Eboo Patel was the One Book, One Campus selection for Fall 2009. 

Rose Marshack, Rick Valentin, Isaac Bloom, Zoe Schwartz
These four Allen Hall Alums appeared in a at Station Theater, The Crimes and Confessions of Kip Knutzen
Rose and Rick are with the bands, Poster Children and Salaryman

Nina Paley
Nina Paley is a cartoonist and an active member of the Free Culture Movement. Her film "Sita Sings the Blues" is available online at

Paula Kamen
Paula Kamen has published several books in the past few years.

Richard Powers
Richard Powers wins National Book Award for "The Echo Maker."
U of I's Richard Powers wins National Book Award for The Echo Maker.

Jawed Karim
Jawed Karim, co-founder of YouTube, spoke at the May, 2007 commencement ceremonies.

Michael LeRoy
Michael LeRoy featured in Inside Illinois.

Zach Rosen
Zach Rosen started a bicycle company in San Francisco.

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