Unit One Resources

Academic Support

Academic Counseling: The Unit One Academic Coordinator and the Academic Director are additional resources to regular departmental advisers. At Unit One, we take a "whole University" perspective in our advising. We help students understand and make use of the large bureaucratic system, utilize resources, think about career issues as they relate to academic issues, and consider academic options, changing majors, and selecting courses.

Faculty Accessibility: Many Unit One instructors hold office hours and review sessions in Allen Hall. This makes them more accessible to their students. Instructors may be invited to eat with their students in the dining hall. We also informally involve other faculty members with Allen Hall students. Many faculty come to Allen for programs, and others are associated with Allen Hall. These faculty conduct topical discussion sessions and interact informally with students. We also offer Discovery Courses which help students "enhance their education through greater interaction with faculty in small classes."


  • Library: In-hall for study, references & pleasure
  • Classrooms: Seminar rooms with access for studying and meeting
  • Art Studios: Photography, Ceramics, Digital Video Editing
  • Recording Studio: Recording studio with baby grand piano, drum kit, mics, isolation equipment, wired to Electronic Music Studio.
  • Internet radio station
  • Two Computer Labs: PCs, Macs, scanner, and laser printers, open 24 hours 
  • Music Practice Rooms: Soundproof with pianos, available 24 hours
  • Drum Practice Room: Room with drum kit for lessons and for bands to practice
  • Main Lounge and South Rec Room: Large multipurpose rooms with projector, screen, and sound system
  • Guest-in-Residence Apartment: For visiting speakers and performers