Course Policies

Course Policies

MUSIC 169: Music Lessons

Course Info:

  • Music Lessons through University Residence Hall Living Learning Programs are offered as a zero credit hour course.

  • The lessons appear on students’ transcripts as MUSIC 169 for zero credit hours with a grade of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory (S/U).

  • Satisfactory (S) grades are awarded to students who attend and prepare for 6 hours of lessons during the course of the semester. Most instruction is given in 12 weekly half-hour lessons.

  • Students will be approved to register in a section of MUSIC 169 determined by the music lottery by the Music Program Coordinator, Derick Cordoba. Students will be informed by e-mail which section they have been assigned. It is the responsibility of the student to register himself/herself in the appropriate section of Music 169. Students who have not registered by September 10, 2018 (January 28, 2019 for the Spring) risk losing their spot to someone on the wait list.


Attendance Policy:

  • Instructors will keep track of attendance. Except in the case of students added late from the wait list, students are guaranteed 12 weekly lessons.


  • Absence Policy:


1st Absence is a freebee. Let your instructor know if you are going to miss your lesson and use the free absence.


2nd Absence will require student to do an assignment provided by the instructor such as listening to some specific music and discussing it, attending a performance, or something similar.


3rd Absence will result in the student receiving an Unsatisfactory (failing) for a grade.


  • Students who are well enough to attend other classes should plan to attend their music lessons. For instance, sore throat excuses are not acceptable since other activities at the lesson may replace singing. Student cannot cancel lessons because of extra-curricular activities.

  • If an instructor needs to cancel a lesson, the lesson will be made up at a mutually convenient time for the student and instructor.

  • Students who do not reliably take their first two lessons or who miss two or more consecutive lessons without informing their instructors may forfeit their lessons in order to allow students on the wait-list to enroll. If this occurs, students will be informed by e-mail that their non-participant has led to forfeiture of lessons. It is then the student’s responsibility to drop the course before the drop deadline. Neither the music program coordinator, not the LLC coordinator can drop students from the course.


Dropping MUSIC 169:

  • Students may drop this course online with no penalty and no record of the course on the student’s transcript if the course is dropped by October 19, 2018 (or March 8, 2019 for the Spring).


  • Students who forfeit lessons due to non-participation (missing the first 2 lessons or missing 2 consecutive lessons without informing the instructor) are responsible for dropping the course.

  • After the drop deadline, students can only drop this course via a “late drop” which is by permission of their college office.

  • Students who drop this course before the University’s official 8 week drop date will have no record of registration in this course on their transcripts. After this date, drops can only be made with permission of the student’s College. This is usually via a petition of a late-drop. See Laura Haber for more information. In this case, MUSIC 169 will appear on the student’s transcript with a grade of “W” (Withdrawn).


Course Expectations:

  • Students must provide their own study materials and music. Except for piano and some percussion instruments, students are responsible for supplying their own instruments.

  • Studying music involves a time commitment devoted to practice. Students must be prepared to practice according to the agreement made with the instructor at the onset of taking lessons.

  • Students who have problems concerning these lessons that cannot be resolved with their instructors should contact Derick Cordoba, Unit One Music Coordinator, at