Music Lessons FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - Music Lessons Program

What is the University Residence Hall Living-Learning Community Music Lessons Program?

This program is actually a course. Students in a Living-Learning Community can take private music lessons in most any instrument (including voice). We welcome students at all levels of ability, from no experience to advanced, in a situation where students negotiate the goals of this instruction with their teachers.

Are all students eligible to participate in music lessons?

If you are a resident and a participant of the University Residence Hall Living-Learning Communities you can participate. The participating programs are: Unit One, Weston Exploration, LEADS, Health Professions, Global Crossroads, Intersections, Sustainability, and WIMSE.

I have never taken any music lessons, but I would still like to sign up for the lottery. Can a beginner like me be part of the program too?

Yes! You may take part in the program no matter what musical level you are at. We have instructors that specialize in teaching different levels of musical experience and skill. So, if you want to study piano, but have never had a piano lesson, don't worry, you are welcome to sign up.

I have been studying guitar for 10 years and am an excellent performer. Are there instructors that can challenge me?

Yes! We have had students that were going to be music performance majors, but decided to major in something else. Those students have had a wonderful time continuing their musical studies at Unit One.

There is a particular teacher that I want to study with. Is there a way to get that instructor if I am awarded lessons?

Yes. There is box in the lottery form on our website which allows you to enter in your preferred instructor. Make sure you do that when you sign up for the lottery.

Do I have to provide my own instrument?

Except for piano, drums, and voice, you do need to provide your own instrument.