Student Group Guidelines

Creating New Student Groups  

Didn't find the student group you were looking for? Start your own student group!

If you have an idea about a new group, talk to people about it and see if there are other people who also want to get involved. Then talk to one of the Program Advisors about your idea. The PAs are here to help you. They can help you figure out your purpose and structure, learn how to reserve rooms in Allen Hall, strategize about publicity, and get access to funding! E-mail to get started.

What makes a group an Allen Hall Student Group?

Allen Hall Student Groups:

  • Are primarily geared towards Allen Hall residents (though they can have non-Allen members).
  • Advertise their events in Allen Hall and are open and inviting to Allen Hall residents.
  • Are led by Allen Hall residents.
  • Keep in contact with at least one Unit One/Allen Hall staff member.
  • Are run autonomously from any campus groups.

What are the benefits of being an Allen Hall student group?

Allen Hall Student Groups:

  • Can reserve space in Allen Hall for meetings and events (provided that it is available).
  • Have access to the advice and support of Unit One staff members such as Program Advisors.
  • Can ask for money from Unit One/Allen Hall to fund hall events.

Can non-Allen Hall groups still use Allen Hall space?

Non-Allen Hall groups can use Allen Hall space for one-time educational events that are open to all Allen Hall residents if these groups have Unit One staff support, if they advertise their event in the hall, and if space is available. They cannot use Allen Hall space for regular group meetings or for events that are primarily geared towards their members rather than Allen Hall residents.