Shing Yin Khor

Shing Yin Khor

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Unit One/Allen Hall Guest-in-Residence: January 21–25 

Shing Yin Khor is a cartoonist and installation artist who is exploring personal narrative, new human rituals, and collaborative world-building through graphic memoir, science fiction, and large scale art structures. Her immersive and narrative haunted house art installations, The Last Outpost and The Last Apothecary, received grants from Burning Man for their 2014 and 2016 festivals. She recently completed another large scale science fiction-themed site-specific installation, Salvage Station No. 8, in conjunction with Beam Camp in New Hampshire. As a cartoonist, her work has been published in The Toast and Bitch Magazine. Her first full length graphic novel, The American Dream? A Journey on Route 66, is published by Zest Books. She creates comics at the intersection of race, gender, immigrant stories, and queerness.

All events take place at Allen Hall, 1005 W. Gregory Drive, Urbana. Free parking is available in the parking garage across the street.

Sunday, January 21 

7–8 p.m. Building Stories (South Rec Room)

Shing talks about a career in building personal narratives and stories, both as an independent cartoonist, and as an installation artist. She’ll show some of her work in interactive and immersive large scale installation art, collaborative world building, and comic memoirs at the intersection of race, queerness, and gender.

Monday, January 22

7 p.m. — Cartooning and Drawing Workshop (South Rec Room)
An introductory guide to cartooning! An exploration of how to make simple and engaging comic work, especially memoir and autobiographical work. No drawing experience necessary.

Activity: Making a one page (or more) comic or drawing that will be compiled into a collaborative zine.

9 p.m. — Open Studio Tea-time (South Rec Room)
Let’s sketch and draw together. We’ll provide a pile of art supplies and some snacks.

Tuesday, January 23

7 p.m. — Building Object-Narratives/Prop Design 101 (South Rec Room)
An introduction to narrative prop design for fictional characters. We will fill out character sheets for personal characters that exist within a fictional collaboratively invented universe, and brainstorm and discuss how to make meaningful and symbolic props that help to build their stories.

Activity: Mini-shields and objects—Participants will paint and distress small symbolic heraldic devices (or logos!) or other objects that pair with their invented characters on wooden blocks. These can be turned into wall hangings or just art objects to keep.

9 p.m. — Queerness in Comics: Zine and Comics Reading and Discussion/Open Studio  (guest apartment)

Wednesday, January 24 

7 p.m. — Memoir and Community: A Zine Making Workshop (South Rec Room)

Let’s talk about the history of zines, take a look at collaborative activist zine culture, and make some of our own!

Activity: Making one page foldy zines! We’ll make copies of all of them so that we can build our own personal zine libraries on Thursday.

9 p.m. — Race and Comics: Zine and Comics Reading and Discussion/Open Studio  (guest apartment)

Thursday, January 25 

7 p.m. — Lamp Making (South Rec Room)

We’re going to learn basic electrical circuits (practical circuits and LEDs), and make some lamps or a light-up prop using found objects and vintage materials!

Activity: We’re making lamps! They’re gonna be pretty rad lamps!

9 p.m. — Zine and Art Sharing Party  (South Rec Room)
We’ll hand out copies of the collaborative zine from Monday and the individual zines made earlier in the week. We’ll also have the props and other objects built during the week out on display as a little gallery show. Come and build your own personal zine libraries, look at art, and drink tea!