The Godfather of Controllerism

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Unit One/Allen Hall Guest-in-Residence: October 7–11 

MOLDOVER designs and builds his own custom MIDI controllers which he uses to compose and perform music. Respected as much for forging new instruments as he is for creating new music, Moldover has worked with renowned artists including Bassnectar, DJ Shadow, and Will-i-am, as well as leading music tech companies Native Instruments, Ableton, and Livid Instruments to realize new designs. Moldover has re-conceptualized what it means to play an album with the invention of Playable Packaging. Each physical copy of a Moldover album combines a form of established media (CDs, USB thumb-drives, etc.) with a miniature electronic instrument. He has also developed a separate lineage of multiplayer instruments called Jamboxes that bundle current music technology into easily understandable and casually enjoyable devices. 

All events are free and open to the public. They take place at Allen Hall, 1005 W. Gregory Drive, Urbana. Free parking is available in the parking garage across the street.

Sunday, October 7 

7pm Live Performance & Custom Instrument Demo by Moldover with special guest Skot Weidmann  (Main Lounge)

San Francisco based artist Moldover will perform live electronic music with custom instruments of his own design.  Learn about the inner workings of his stage instruments, The Robocaster guitar, The MC1 voice controller, and The Mojo Ableton controller. Special guest Skot Weidmann will talk about and play his own invention, the Hyve Touch Synthesizer.

Monday, October 8

7pm Making Music with Your Mobile Device  (South Rec Room)
Come get your touchscreen dirty and explore how smart-phones and tablets can be a gateway to tremendous musical creativity.  Bring your Android or iOS device, download some free apps, learn about sampling, sequencing, signal processing, and then connect your 1/8” jack to our mixer for a group jam.

9pm Tea Time: Being a jack-of-all-trades or a master of none  (Guest Apartment)
Come chat and have snacks in the guest apartment.

Tuesday, October 9

7pm – Electronic Songwriting & Music Production (Room 63 and the Recording studio)
Join Moldover in our recording studio and get a hands-on overview of his approach to writing, recording, and producing electronic music.  After an overview of each process, Moldover will lead the group in collaboratively constructing a song together, drawing on ideas and musical contributions from anyone and everyone.
9pm Tea Time: The joys and challenges of a creative life  (Guest Apartment)
Come chat and have snacks in the guest apartment.

Wednesday, October 10

7pm – Jambox Jamshop  (Room 63) 

Learn about the unique multiplayer musical instruments (AKA “jamboxes”) that Moldover has designed, and get your hands on his latest creation, The 8-Bit Boombox.  Enjoy remixing retro chiptune music using gaming controllers, dig into the software and hardware guts of this hacked-instrument, and join Moldover in creating a new and unique jambox together as a group.


9pm Tea Time: Let’s get technical – get inside the design of Moldover’s stage instruments, circuit board artwork, and other creations  (Guest Apartment)
Come chat and have snacks in the guest apartment.

Thursday, October 11

7pm – Build Your Own Voice Crusher  (South Rec Room)

In this basic soldering workshop Moldover will take you through the steps to build your own pocket-sized, 8-bit, circuit bent, Voice Crusher.  Even if you’ve never soldered before, this workshop will give you the confidence in just a few hours, AND you’ll go home with a fun and unique instrument that is also a USB drive containing a deluxe-digital edition of Moldover’s album “Four Track”.  Free for Allen Hall students. $25 for everyone else.

10pm Tea Time: Playable Packaging Petting Zoo (Guest Apartment)
Explore Moldover’s other physical music albums that are also playable instruments, as well as some rare Playable Packaging designs by other artists.