Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities in Hopkins Hall & in the Ikenberry Neighborhood - Moving to West Hall in 2021-2022.

As a member of the LEADS Community, you have the opportunity to become involved and positively contribute to student organizations on the floor, in Hopkins Hall (Moving to Weston Hall in 2021-2022) and throughout the Ikenberry Commons Neighborhood!

Here are just a few examples of the organizations that you can join!

Hopkins Hall Council: Our Hall Council meets weekly to discuss Hopkins Hall issues, plan programs, and activities for the hall, and make decisions about fund distribution. Generally, this group strives to bring the hall together.

LEADS Community Council: The LEADS Community Council meets bi-weekly to plan leadership development programs and community service events.

LEADS Fall Orientation Team: Our Orientation student leaders are selected each spring and spend most of the semester planning our fall orientation program for over 100 incoming LEADS residents.

Ma'at: this Black Student Union can be found in the Ikenberry neighborhood and meets weekly.  Ma'at plans fun programs, provides support and outreach and represents students in all Ikenberry neighborhood halls.

Hopkins Hall Illini Guides (I-Guides) and I-Guide Hall Chairs: I-Guides are the students in orange shirts that help residents move into Hopkins Hall each year. Anyone can sign up to be an I-Guide. Two residents are selected are selected to be I-Guide Hall Chairs each year. Hall Chairs plan move-in activities and coordinate the team of I-Guides during move in. Anyone can apply to be a Hall Chair.

Central University Housing Student Organizations

University Housing also sponsors many central student groups that students from all across campus may join and become actively involved with while living in the halls. Read more about Central Housing Organizations.