Student Stories

The Inside Scoop on Health Professions LLC (HPLLC)

Former HPLLC students often describe life on the third and fourth floors of Oglesby Hall as a “home.” After several weeks the students here are always with each other, sharing laughter in the lounge or running down the halls like there is no tomorrow. As you walk down the halls there will always be groups of students studying, making use of the free evening tutoring or playing charades in the lounges. Whenever someone is hungry or wants to watch a movie, normally, more than five to ten students tag along. Overall, the third and fourth floors are never at rest; if a student needs something, another student will always be there.

Student Feedback

"I really liked the close friendships you make with HP and how, since we are all going towards the same career, we can help each other. I really liked the meetings we had, like the meeting about research [opportunities.]" -Francinet

"I think OG3 and OG4 were the floors that actually talked to each other. Getting to know most of the people on the floor, making friends and knowing that many are returning was most exciting for me." -Andy

"HP has positively impacted my experience at U of I. Being a part of this community has offered me a way to make close connections with the people I live with. Being able to do so is special and I hadn't realized, until recently, that this experience is not common for most students here. Overall, HP has helped me make the adjustment of coming to college much easier!" -TaNay

"I'm glad that I chose to live in HP. It's a great program and was extremely helpful for me as a freshman in college. I loved the fact that we were assigned peer leaders who helped us pick classes and helped us adjust to the college life. HP has numerous events and classes offered specifically for HP residents only which is pretty cool. I would definitely reccomend this program for anyone wanting to pursue a health-related major or even just interested in the health field." -Regine