Student Stories

How would you explain Global Crossroads to someone who doesn't know about it?

"I would describe it as a very inclusive space with many people who are eager to learn and practice other cultures and ways of life." -Desree, Major: Social Work

"Global Crossroads is one of the more diverse dorms on campus and provides a strong sense of community for its residents. There are plenty of opportunities to meet people from various background and origins, so there is a ton to learn and experience from many cultures." -Joshua, Major: Undeclared

"Two floors of super diverse people. Students from all around the world!" -Sajid, Major: History

What was the best thing about Global Crossroads last year?

"The best thing was making friendships that transcend location and learning about everyone's culture." -Jasmin, Major: Psychology and Latina/Latino Studies

"Global Crossroads offers a unique opportunity for bonding within the community and to go on fun outings! Annual trips to Chicago and the Reindeer Ranch farm have always been one of the highlights and perks for members of Global Crossroads." -Jia Jia, Major: Geology

"The best thing about GC...was the close family-like bond that the residents formed together. This led to many different kinds of activities, such as residents teaching each other their native languages as well as gathering together to cook foods from different countries. I loved how everyone cared about each other; it was a home away from home." -Rebecca, Major: Global Studies

Do you have any advice you want to give to the new upcoming Global Crossroads residents?

"The only piece of advice I have would be to attend anything GC-related and to really put yourself out there to meet everyone on the floor because you never know who can become a future roommate, best friend, or coworker." -Athina, Major: Undeclared

"Don't just become friends with people with a similar background as yours, instead broaden your horizons." -Jasmin, Major: Psychology and Latina/Latino Studies