Eligibility Statement

Eligibility Statement for the University Apartments

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign values the contribution of graduate students to the campus community. To support the academic success of graduate students and students with families, University Housing offers apartment communities at Ashton Woods, Goodwin-Green, and Orchard Downs to accommodate their unique needs.

In order to be eligible for these accommodations, at least one resident of a Family & Graduate Housing apartment must be formally affiliated with the University and provide proof of affiliation. Undergraduate students with 30 or more credits are eligible for the apartments at Ashton Woods.  While enrolled students receive priority for these apartments, University of Illinois faculty, staff, and visiting scholars are also eligible for available spaces. If affiliation with the University is terminated, the resident (and family) will be expected to vacate the apartment within 30 days. Residents who will be continuing in an enrolled/affiliated status for the following academic year may maintain occupancy without being enrolled/affiliated during the summer session.

For residents who wish to share their accommodations with immediate family members (spouse, children, parents, siblings) and/or one other adult with whom an established committed relationship exists, a copy of the following documentation is required prior to occupancy as proof of eligibility (Select 1, 2 or 3):
  1. Marriage certificate or international equivalent (if spouse will be residing in apartment)
  2. Domestic Partnership Declaration Form (pdf) (if non-University affiliated partner will be residing in apartment).
  3. Birth certificate or proof of legal guardianship for children residing in apartment with single parent.
Individual residents may lease a one-bedroom apartment for single occupancy or lease a two-bedroom apartment with a second eligible resident as roommates (co-resident).