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What’s in the Residence Hall Library Collections?

The Residence Hall Libraries offer print books, Playaway audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, video games, board games, magazines, and loanable technology, which are all available for free check-out to anyone with an active I-Card.  Our books, which are available for 4-week check-out, are divided into the following sections:

Circulating Collection: Our general Circulating Collections include non-fiction books on various topics, as well as poetry, plays, and contemporary and historical literary fiction.

Identity Studies: Our Identity Studies collections include non-fiction books about the intersectional social identities and experiences of racial/ethnic minorities, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and women in the United States.

Jobs/Career: Our Jobs/Career collections include guides to finding jobs and navigating your professional career, including tips for writing your résumé, successful interviewing, networking, and working well with colleagues.

Mystery/Thriller: If you love good mystery/suspense novels, you’ll find them here!  We have many stand-alone mysteries and series from popular and new authors. 

Personal Development: Looking for information and advice on healthful eating and fitness, mental wellness and stress management, relationships, or a related topic?  You’ll find it in our personal development collections.

Romance: If you’re looking for a love story, you’ll find lots of choices by new and popular authors in our Romance collections.

Science Fiction/Fantasy: If you’re a fan of speculative fiction, be it about aliens, time travel, witches and wizards, vampires, etc. … you’ll find plenty of options to engage your imagination in our sci fi / fantasy collections.

Study Guides: Preparing for a big standardized exam, such as the GRE, MCAT, or LSAT?  We’ve got copies of the latest guides to help you ace it.

Playaway Audiobooks: Each Playaway audiobook is a self-contained unit.  All you need to be able to listen to one is a pair of headphones!  Our Playaway collections contain non-fiction, contemporary and historical fiction, classics, mysteries, romance, and science fiction titles.

Chinese-Language Collection: Located at the Ikenberry Commons Library, our Chinese-language collection includes non-fiction and fiction titles in Simplified and Traditional characters.  We have books for people learning Chinese as well as for people who read Chinese proficiently.

Korean-Language Collection: Located at the Ikenberry Library, our Korean-language collection includes non-fiction and various genres of fiction, from simple works suitable for beginning language learners to works for people who read Korean proficiently.

Spanish-Language Collection: Located at the Ikenberry Library, our Spanish-language collection includes non-fiction and a variety of genres of fiction, from basic works to works for people who read Spanish proficiently.

Wassaja Collection: In honor of the first Native American to graduate from the University of Illinois, Wassaja (AKA Carlos Montezuma), this collection is located at the Ikenberry Commons Library (nearWassaja Residence Hall) and includes works about Wassaja’s life as well as the Native American civil rights movement.