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Contact Conferences and Special Events

We hope that you will keep the University of Illinois in mind when you are planning your next group event. To learn more about how our housing, dining, and meeting facilities fit the needs of your group, please contact us at:

Conferences & Special Events
300 Clark Hall 
1203 South Fourth Street 
Champaign, IL 61820 
Phone: (217) 333-1766 
Fax: (217) 333-6343 

Unique Venues

We are a Certified Member of Unique Venues. Click here to see our profile.

Parents of Campers

If you need to contact your camper, please refer to your camp's information for instructions.

If this is an emergency and you need to get in touch quickly, please contact the area desk of the hall where your camper is staying. Residence halls that host summer camps are listed below: 

Florida Avenue Residence Halls (FAR) (217) 333-0840

Nugent Hall/Bousfield Hall
Hopkins Hall/Wassaja Hall
Scott Hall/Snyder Hall/Weston Hall
Hopkins Hall (217) 333-1651

Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls (PAR) (217) 333-2950