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Traditional Halls | Double Room

Shown in Example:
Urbana North Neighborhood: Allen

Comparable Halls:
Ikenberry Commons Neighborhood: Barton, Hopkins, Lundgren, Scott, Snyder, Taft, Van-Doren, Weston
Urbana North Neighborhood: Busey, Evans, Leonard, Shelden 
Urbana South Neighborhood: Babcock, Blaisdell, Carr, Saunders (PAR); Oglesby, Trelease (FAR)  



Renovated Traditional Halls | Double Room 

Shown in Example:
Urbana North Neighborhood: Townsend (ISR)

Comparable Halls:
Urbana North Neighborhood: Wardall (ISR) 


New Construction Traditional Halls | Double Room 

Shown in Example: 
Ikenberry Commons Neighborhood: Nugent 

Comparable Halls: 
Ikenberry Commons Neighborhood: Wassaja, Bousfield


These photos show just a few examples of the many types of rooms available in University Housing and are meant to give you an idea of the types of rooms you can expect. For more 360 tours, visit the individual undergraduate hall web pages