Residential Life Employment FAQs

How can I get a feel for University Housing at Illinois? Watch these videos on our YouTube channel!  http://www.youtube.com/user/UofIHousing

What is the pet policy for live-in staff (Residence Hall Directors)?
All live-in staff may bring home a cat or a dog. Guidelines, weight and breed restrictions apply and are under constant review. Contact reslifejobs@illinois.edu for details.

How fast do your searches move?
Our national searches tend to take approximately 4 months from start to finish. The University must pre-approve our searches before we post them. Given the number of staff searching year to year, any of our searches can occur throughout the fall, spring and/or summer months. If you remain actively interested in Illinois, contact Melissa McDonald to update her on your own search progress and see where you stand in an Illinois' search.

How many vacancies are there each year in the department?
With 39 full-time professionals, including 18 entry-level Residence Hall Directors, we typically fill about 3-6 positions each year. On average, we hire 3-5 Resident Hall Directors each year. Central Staff positions vary from year to year. These positions turn over less often. Contact us at reslifejobs@illinois.edu to learn about any of our current searches. 

How strictly does the University follow its advertised qualifications for candidates?
We are held to strict standards as we screen applications. We must pursue candidates who state on their application and then demonstrate in interviews the preferred skill areas, academic credentials and experience. For example, we require RD candidates to possess a masters degree in College Student Personnel, Student Affairs or Higher Education (by the time employment begins) and have residence hall staff and other related experience listed on our position announcement. Currently, the majority of our Resident Director staff and 100% of our Central Staff have master's degrees and/or terminal degrees. We also have some staff pursuing terminal degrees while managing full-time employment responsibilities after their first year of employment.

It is not that we do not value "non-traditional" experiences or other degree programs, but based on history, candidates with our preferred credentials are able to adjust to life at Illinois and within our University Housing division more quickly, are often more successful, and remain in their positions longer.

Which of the positions are live-in?
Our Residence Hall Directors are our only live-in, full-time professionals. The Area Coordinator, Program Directors and Assistant Director level positions are all live-out.

When does staff training begin?
Our new staff formal orientation and training kick-off traditionally commences after the July 4 holiday each year. For the 2018-2019 academic year, our orientation and training programs for newly hired staff will begin on July 2, 2018, however, staff who are hired at any time during the employment year will be offered a rigorous orientation and training program designed for their position upon starting employment. For live-in positions, we allow newly hired staff to move in to their assigned hall/apartment in early to mid-June (at no cost to you) depending on when the departing staff member is moving out and we can get the apartment ready for the new staff person.

When does Paraprofessional training begin (Resident Advisors, Multicultural Advocates, and Program Advisors)?
Paraprofessional training begins in early August each year. The start date depends on the academic calendar.

Who else may share the apartment with live-in staff members? 
Resident Directors can have a live-in partner (of any gender identity), a married partner, or family member share their apartment. Resident Directors may share their housing employee meal discount by purchasing Extra Credits for meals at the employee rate which are placed on the live-persons University identification card (the i-card). The University offers same-sex domestic benefits. The University's Benefits Center has specific information about this process. We currently have staff with families including small children and infants who do live-in. We do not guarantee a 2-bedroom apartment; however 50% of our RD apartments do have 2 bedrooms and we will work new hires to try to accommodate your family needs.

What type of opportunities are available for graduate student employment?
Residential Life works with a wide variety of graduate students who come to us through other campus academic departments. Contact Melissa McDonald for further details.

Family & Graduate Housing employs many graduate students for various positions. Contact Family & Graduate Housing to inquire.

As I prepare to relocate to Champaign-Urbana, what guidelines can I follow that will help my relocation expense reimbursement be processed easily? We are working on a new hire job aid for staff we hire for the 2018-2019 academic year related to their transition to campus including guidelines to follow so one can be reimbursed (up to and no more than $500) for relocation expenses.