Eligibility Requirements

Consistent with the academic mission of the University of Illinois and University Housing's values, the following minimum qualifications have been established for the Resident Advisor positions.

Requirements for Paraprofessional Employment

Required at the time of application and throughout the application process and employment term:

  • Currently possess and then maintain a minimum 2.3 cumulative AND most recent term grade point average (fall and spring term GPAs) throughout the application process and employment (first year student grades will be checked after the first fall term). This eligibility requirement is firm.
  • Be in good conduct/disciplinary standing at all times from the time of application through employment (not being on active Residence Hall "Censure" or a sanction more severe.)
  • May not have been found responsible for any alcohol violation, including being transported for an alcohol overdose or have received University "Reprimand" or more severe sanction for an alcohol violation since January 2021.
  • May not have any active No Trespass directives for any portion of University Housing or other campus facilities.
  • Be enrolled in class full time in accordance with University guidelines with no encumbrances.
  • Be in good student employment standing if you currently hold another position within University Housing.

Required at time of appointment:

  • Completion of 30 hours of college credits at the time of appointment. Students in their first semester of school may not be hired for a mid-year position.
  • Minimum of two semesters at a college or university with strong preference given to students with at least one semester at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • Required to arrive on campus on August 2, 2022 for training and preparation to open halls and stay late to close halls during University holidays and breaks.
  • Some RAs will be required to work during fall, winter, and spring break periods. University Housing seeks RAs in break duty halls to cover these responsibilities before seeking volunteer RAs in other halls. University Housing reserves the right to mandate any RA staff to cover break periods including but not limited to holidays.
  • Required to participate in all mandatory training and development programs including weekly evening Staff Development on Wednesdays from 7 to 9 p.m.

Required within one semester of employment:

  • Successfully complete the required course EPOL-199, a University academic course for Residential Life paraprofessional staff: earn two credits over ten weeks plus a one-day retreat in mid-February.

Paraprofessional Employment Agreement (Contract) Highlights

In addition to the required items listed above, we believe it is helpful for candidates to be aware of the following selected terms of our Paraprofessional Employment Agreement when applying. If you are offered and accept a paraprofessional position you will be asked to review and sign the Paraprofessional Employment Agreement and several related contractual documents that include, but are not limited to, the terms below. These contractual highlights are provided for your reference only and are subject to change.

  • Paraprofessionals shall communicate in advance with direct supervisors regarding requested time aware from the residence hall. Paraprofessionals are allowed to be away from the hall one (1) weekend per month (a weekend is defined as Friday night 5 p.m.-Sunday night 9 p.m.) or no more than three (3) consecutive nights at any time.
  • Paraprofessionals must be enrolled as full time students (i.e. registered for at least 12 and no more than 16 credit hours for undergraduate students). Paraprofessionals seeking to enroll for credit hours outside of this specified range are required to seek approval from their supervisor prior to dropping courses or registering for additional courses.
  • During the mandatory training and orientation, Paraprofessional may not work at any employment position other than the paraprofessional position.
  • Paraprofessionals may not work at any campus employment position,including but not limited to a research assistantship, teaching assistanship, or research position, unless Paraprofessional has submitted a written request and has received written approval from the Director of Housing or their designee for such campus employment. Pursuant to campus policies on student employment, if appoved, Paraprofessional shall not work more than eight (8) hours per week in such approved campus employment.
  • Pursuant to campus policy, Paraprofessionals who are also international students shall not work more than 20 hours per week when classes are in session; accordingly, such Paraprofessionals shall not be eligible for any other employment during the term of employment.
  • Paraprofessionals shall not enter a romantic, or any type of sexual, relationship with a resident in the hall or complex where the Paraprofessional works.
  • Paraprofessionals shall not run for, accept, or serve in a major campus activity position during the term of employment (i.e. Student Senate meetings typically conflict with required weekly meetings for the Paraprofessional position, Marching Illini practices and events conflict with required training and duty responsibilities, etc.). What qualifies as a “Major Campus Post” in a Registered Student Organization, campus or community group will be interpreted by University Housing.
  • Paraprofessionals shall abide by parameters outlined in the signed supplemental employment document Statement of Understanding of Co-Curricular & Extra-Curricular Involvement. Paraprofessionals will be required to negotiate their time commitments for co-curricular & extra-curricular involvements and its impact on the Paraprofessional performance with their direct supervisor as it directly relates to the Paraprofessionals availability on their hall/floor or related to their specific position.
  • Paraprofessionals may not student-teach, participate in an internship or any similar academic commitment during the very first semester as a Paraprofessional. Paraprofessionals may be allowed to participate in an internship or student-teach locally, subject to approval of their direct supervisor.
  • Pending performance, Paraprofessionals may be eligible for the following academic year. Reappointment is not automatic nor guaranteed.

Consider applying for a position if you have the following qualities:

  • You have a good understanding of the duties of the RA position and what it entails.
  • You are ready to educate residents on achieving academic success, personal growth, community engagement, and social justice exploration — all part of the Illinois Residential Experience.
  • You desire to build one-on-one relationships with your residents.
  • You can demonstrate effective communication skills, both written and oral. You have leadership potential.
  • You desire to lead a community of residents in developing their floor and hall to be an inclusive (safe and welcoming) environment for all students and their unique differences.
  • You show an outward desire to work with and learn from people from all different backgrounds.
  • You are willing to accept and follow through with responsibility. You have a sincere interest in working with fellow students.
  • You have the ability to be "counter cultural" in regard to alcohol use/abuse on campus; that is, if you are underage, you don't drink; if you are of legal age, you drink responsibly.

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