Student Computer Support Jobs

Student Computer Support Jobs in Residence Halls

We accept applications all year for student computer support jobs; however, please note that we only review applications during the spring semester when we interview for the following fall. We will review applications at other times during the year if we have unexpected openings.

Thank you to everyone who applied!

Job Descriptions

Peer Computing Consultant (PCC)

Nature of job: Primary responsibilities involve three areas:

  1. teaching residents basic computer applications and use of facilities
  2. identifying and reporting problems with hardware and software on lab computers
  3. ensuring that the site environment is conducive to academic work.

Consultants are required to attend a 3-day training session the week before classes begin, monthly staff meetings, and keep informed of all staff communications. Peer Consultants typically work 2-3 regular assigned shifts, each 3 to 4 hours in length, between the hours of 7 p.m.-1 a.m., Sundays through Thursdays. This involves a weekly time commitment of 8 to 14 hours. Before applying please make sure your schedule can accommodate this work load. Residency in University Housing is not required, though hiring preference is given to residents. Starting wages begin at $9.00 an hour. Merit raises are possible.

Requirements: The successful candidate should possess both advanced and diversified computing skills. Evidence of success in previous employment is also strongly considered. He or she should be proficient with the most commonly used software, including but not limited to Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access), Web browsers and media viewers, graphics programs, virus scanners, and other utilities. Applicants should demonstrate fluency with the Windows operating system and a general familiarity with the hardware and software used in Housing computer labs. Tutoring or teaching experience is a plus. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are required. Students who receive an RA position are not eligible to be a PCC.

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Network Technician (NetTech)

Nature of job: This individual works in residence halls to assist students in connecting their personal computers to ResNet: the University Residence Hall network, an ethernet-based network. Work is typically done in student rooms but lab-based consulting hours are required as well. The consulting work is done in shifts while the room-based work is done around the individual's schedule, though generally during evenings and weekends. NetTechs also report and respond to general problems on the network. Weekly hours are greater during the beginning of fall semester and could reach a maximum of 20-25 but reduce to 8-12 as the year progresses. Before applying please make sure your schedule can accommodate this work load.

Requirements: This individual should possess good technical computer skills. Prior experience in working with either Windows-based PCs or Macintoshes is required, working with both desirable. A strong work ethic and initiative required. Pre-service training is provided to generally learn wide area network administration concepts and to learn specific procedures network operation and maintenance as developed by Housing and CITES. NetTechs must live in the university residence hall where they work during their first year on staff. (A non-residency position is possible for some selected NetTechs in their second year on staff.) Starting wages are $11.00 an hour. Merit raises are possible.

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Site Manager: Dual Role with PCC or NetTech

As network technologies have become more robust and responsive to centralized administration, the traditional role of Site Manager has evolved. Currently, we are not directly recruiting for Managers but will appoint them from others on staff. Fulfilling this role in addition to another typically requires no more than 4-8 hours a week additional time.

Nature of job: This individual works in residence hall computer labs to maintain the general operation of the computer lab. Specific responsibilities include things like daily paper checks of lab printers. Contact with users is incidental. Work is not done in shifts but around the individual's schedule to maintain operations. Responding as major problems occur is necessary and Managers "cover" for each other when one leaves campus for weekends.

Requirements: This individual should possess good cognitive skills for basic operational maintenance. Prior experience in working with either Windows-based PCs or Macintoshes is preferred but dependability is more important than technical savvy.  Pre-service training is provided to learn specific procedures. Site Managers must live in the University Residence Hall where they work. Staff meetings, biweekly or monthly, are mandatory.