Construction Projects 

LEED Certification

All new construction will be built to a minimum of LEED Gold standard for environmental sustainability. Bousfield Hall, which opened fall 2013, received LEED Platinum Certification.

Work Schedule

Work hours will begin no earlier than 7:30 a.m. Saturdays are included in the work schedule throughout the semester, and occasional Sunday work as needed. Complimentary ear plugs are available at your front desk if you need them.

Contact Us

Questions or concerns? Contact your hall staff or use our online form.

Construction News

Wassaja Art Installation Announced (3/17/16)

As part of the State of Illinois’ Art-in-Architecture program, Wassaja Hall features a public art installation. Read about the artwork and how it reflects Wassaja's legacy.

Solar Panels Installed (12-14-15)

The hall's solar panels are up! The panels are located on the east side of Wassaja Hall, facing south, and will help to provide energy to the building. Workers have started painting student rooms and hallways, and will soon begin working on the flooring.

Masonry Nearly Complete (9/21/15)

The exterior masonry is nearly complete. Wassaja Hall's distinct glass curtain walls will start to be installed this week. This architectural feature will run up along the stairways and lounge areas. The drywall is in place on most floors.

Windows and Brick (7/13/15)

Window and dry wall installation has started. The exterior brick work is ahead of schedule and expected to be done in September. 

New Residence Hall to be Named Wassaja (5/7/15)

University Housing's newest residence hall ("Residence Hall #3") has been named Wassaja after the University's first Native American graduate and a pioneer in advocating for Native American rights. Read more.

Warmer Weather and Concrete Progress (3/11/15)

Now that warmer weather has finally arrived, work can continue with concrete pouring. The concrete structure is now estimated to be completed in late March. Additionally, almost all plumbing is roughed in on the first floor! 

Cold Weather Delays (Updated 2/24/15)

The extreme cold temperatures have delayed progress a bit on the concrete pouring, but work will continue whenever possible. In the meantime, workers are moving forward on other tasks, such as stud work and laying out room outlets.

Residence Hall # 3 Updates (Updated 11/10/14)

We're still on track with the construction schedule for residence hall #3, and it's estimated that the concrete super-structure will be done in February/March. Sheet piling will be removed from the site, likely in December. 

Bousfield Hall Certified LEED Platinum (Updated 9/15/14)

We are excited to announce that Bousfield Hall has officially been certified as LEED Platinum! Platinum is the highest designation that can be granted for sustainable building practices. Read more about how Bousfield achieved this distinction.

Residence Hall #3 Underway, Landscaping on Quad Continues (Updated 8/15/14)

Work is well underway on our newest residence hall. As we open for the fall semester, students living near the construction zone may hear trucks, bull dozers, and other machinery around the site. You may hear beeping as the vehicles are backing up, making deliveries, and digging trenches. Workers will do their best to keep noise levels to a minimum, but remember: free ear plugs are available at your area office! 

Landscaping work on the Ike Quad is also being completed at the beginning of the school year. Some sections will be fenced off while the new sod gets a chance to take hold and we make it safer to walk on. Thank you for being patient! The Ike Quad will look great and be ready for use very soon.

First Street Reopening on 4/19, H-Pile Installation Begins Next Week (Updated 4/18/14)

First Street Update: The work on First Street has been extended for one additional day, so that workers can finish patching up sidewalks, pouring pavement, and allowing time for it to cure. We expect that it will reopen by tomorrow evening (Saturday, April 19).
H-Pile Installation: Starting the week of April 21, workers will be installing H-Piles into the construction site using a crane. H-Piles are structural beams that are driven deep into the ground to provide support for the new residence hall's foundation construction. This process could, at times, be louder than standard construction activities (but not continuous), and it could cause vibration sensations near the site. Please note that the vibrations will not have any effect on the structural integrity of nearby buildings. The installation is expected to be complete by May 8. If you find the noise to be disruptive, be sure to visit your area office for some complimentary ear plugs.

Sidewalk to Reopen April 21: You may have noticed that a portion of the sidewalk near Nugent, west of the loading dock, is temporarily closed so that workers can complete the water main tie-in for the new construction site. The sidewalk is expected to reopen this Monday, April 21.

Feature Story: Alumni Bring Special Insight to New Residence Hall Project (Updated 4/01/14)

Read about the numerous alumni working on the new residence hall project. Many of them lived with University Housing during their time as students, and bring that insight into the work they do: alumni construction story.

New Photos: Storm Water Trap Installation (Updated 3/31/14)

New photos: progress on the site work around First Street

Peabody and First Street Corner Closure Coming in Early April (Updated 3/21/14)

The corner of Peabody and First St. is currently planned to be closed for underground storm pipe installation from April 2 through April 18. The work will be completed before the Illinois Marathon and move-out.

Please note: During this time, access to parking lot E-38, Bousfield, Scott, Snyder, and Euclid Drive will ONLY be from Fourth Street. There will be no access from First Street.

Temporary Closure: Access Drive Near Hopkins; Revised First Street Information (Updated 2/20/14)

Starting Monday, February 24, the access drive north of Hopkins will be closed for underground storm water pipe connection. We expect this work to be completed by March 3. In the meantime, signage will be posted to help direct you around the closed area. Thank you for your patience! 

The second phase of the First Street closure has a revised end date: From March 22 to April 18, a small portion of First Street will be closed at the intersection of Peabody Drive. The earlier end date allows access for the Illinois Marathon route.

First Street Closure to Begin Jan. 16 (Updated 1/15/14)

The first phase of the First Street closure will begin tomorrow, Jan. 16, 2014. First Street will be closed from Peabody to Gregory. Both Peabody and Gregory will still be accessible at their intersections with First Street, and all sidewalks will remain open. Information on bus reroutes can be found on the CUMTD website.

E10 Lot & First Street Closures Coming in January (Updated 11/18/13)

Effective December 22, 2013, lot E10 (north of the old Forbes site) will be permanently closed for continuing Ikenberry construction.  Lot E38 customers parking in lot E10 must park in E38.  If space is unavailable, E38 permits will be honored in shuttle lot E14, south of the blue line. 

From January to May 2014, sections of First Street will be closed in two phases for storm water work that must be completed before construction begins on Residence Hall #3. At all times the sidewalks will remain open.

January through March 21: First Street will be closed from Peabody to Gregory. Both Peabody and Gregory will still be accessible at their intersections with First Street.

March 22 through May 2: A small portion of First Street will be closed at the intersection of Peabody Drive. During this phase, those who use Peabody for parking lot E38 access will need to get to Peabody via Fourth Street. First Street will be open from Stadium to Gregory.

Forbes Demolition & Bousfield Updates (Updated 6/12/13)

The Forbes Hall demolition is scheduled to start next week. This demolition helps to make way for the next new residence hall, Residence Hall #3, which will start construction in spring 2014. We will reuse and recycle as much of Forbes' structure, furniture, and fixtures as possible to help divert waste from landfills. Read more about recycling Forbes.

Bousfield Hall is finishing up with daily furniture deliveries and a lot of landscaping work. We are excited for the opening this August!    

End-of-Semester Update (Updated 4/12/13)

We are in the home stretch in the construction of Bousfield Hall, which means you will be noticing a lot more activity going on around the construction site. Now that warmer weather has arrived, workers will be focusing on tasks like laying down sod and pouring concrete for the walkways. You can expect to hear machines moving earth and rock, and dump trucks bringing in soil. As weather permits,  the work schedule will likely include the weekend (no earlier than 8 a.m. on Sundays). Depending on what needs to be done, the contractors will make every effort to do noisier work on the street side of the building in the early morning and do courtyard work later in the day.

Paver Repairs Near Nugent (Updated 2/15/13)

On Monday, February 18 contractors will be starting repair of pavers near Nugent's emergency generator. This area is out of the main pedestrian path, and should have little impact on residents. The work will take approximately a week (depending on weather), and will be done by hand, so there will be no noisy equipment.

Residence Hall #2 Has a Name! (Updated 1/24/13)

The new residence hall officially has a name! Our new hall is named to commemorate Maudelle Tanner Brown Bousfield. Ms. Bousfield was the first African-American woman to graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Read more about Ms. Bousfield.

Fence Removals; Spring Semester Preview (Updated 1/11/13)

Workers are finishing up earthwork grading in the area leading up to the south side of Hopkins, and so the construction fence that was against the exterior of the building has been taken down. In the next 2-3 weeks, workers will start on the roof of the new hall's bike shelter.

We're also excited to announce that the construction fence just south of Nugent has been removed. The new grass is not fully established yet, so we ask that you use the sidewalks whenever possible when walking through the area. This will give the new grass the best chance at surviving the winter season and getting in top shape for recreational use later in the spring. 

In order to keep the project on schedule, there is still much concrete and landscaping work (sod, grass seed, and planting) to complete before May. This work will start as soon as warmer weather is forecasted.