Housing Sign-Up Special Priority Phase opens

Date:Tuesday - October 10, 2017

Time:1:00 PM

Location:University Housing

Details: This phase of Housing Sign-Up is available to hall residents, October 10-12, whose current room is not available in Fall 2018–Spring 2019. These residents are given special priority to choose any available space in any available hall. Residents who are eligible for the special priority phase will be notified by email. If your current room is not available and you do not select a space by October 12, you can come back at any of the later times the Housing Sign-up website is open. Note: Current undergraduate hall residents will be able to select a space in Daniels or Sherman Hall beginning October 24 at 1 p.m. To learn more or apply, visit https://.housing.illinois.edu/apply-now/housing-sign-up