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About Housing Sign-Up


Eligibility: Who Can Use Housing Sign-Up?

You must be currently registered as an University of Illinois student in order to select your room and roommate for next year. You must also be 18 at the time you sign the contract (if you will not be 18 during Housing Sign-Up, you will need to get consent electronically from a parent or guardian during the online sign-up process).

Current University Housing residents can enter Housing Sign-Up starting October 4, 2016 (if you're requesting a block of rooms, please submit your request with our online form between September 19 and October 4 - THIS IS NOW CLOSED). Returning students who currently live off campus are eligible to participate in Sign-Up beginning October 31. 

Getting Ready

You will need your EnterpriseID and password to log on to Housing Sign-Up. In most cases, your EnterpriseID is the same as your NetID. However, the passwords for each of these are set separately, and can be different. To find out your EnterpriseID and to set your password, visit the Enterprise Applications Self-Service page and follow the step-by-step instructions.

You will also need the UIN or NetID of your preferred roommate(s). If your preferred roommate does not currently live with University Housing, you will need his or her name and birth date.

Highlights for Fall 2017

  • New Furniture in Snyder Hall: Snyder will have new, loftable furniture.

  • Air Conditioning in Blaisdell and Saunders Halls: All rooms will have window air conditioning in fall 2017.
  • Expanded Coed and Gender-Inclusive Options: All of Blaisdell and Carr Halls (PAR) will be coed by door in fall 2017. In these halls, male rooms may be located next to female rooms, and each floor has multiple individual-use bathrooms for any gender. Visit the Gender Inclusive page for a comprehensive list of all our options.
  • Included Laundry: All University Housing residents have the cost of laundry included as part of their room and board. No more quarters or credits needed!
  • Room Blocks: Want to reserve a block of rooms with your friends? We can help! Place a request with our web form by October 4. In order to reserve a block of rooms, you must have a minimum of 8 people reserving at least 4 rooms. You will need the name, NetID, and UIN of each person in your group. You and your group members will receive a message with the results of your request and further instructions for confirming your assignment. Note: you can also use this form to request a coed suite in Bousfield or the corner single rooms in Sherman. Both of these options allow a living arrangement with a mix of men and women.
  • Constant Rate: Continuing residents—the room and board rates from the year you entered Housing will still apply if you live with us continuously (up to 4 years). If you select a different room type or meal plan, you will only pay that year's rate set for those choices. Example: If you entered Housing in 2016-2017, and then during Housing Sign-Up for your sophomore year you choose a single, you will pay the 2016-2017 rate for a single—not the 2017-2018 rate.
  • New Cancelation Policy: Once you select a room and complete a contract, you have 30 days to cancel the contract with no charge. If you decide to cancel after the 30-day period, there will be a settlement charge of up to 75% of your entire contract amount.

Additional Housing Options

  • 12-Month Housing: 12-month housing is available in Daniels Hall. You can choose a May-to-May contract or an August-to-August contract.
  • Eligibility for Daniels and Sherman halls: All returning U of I students are eligible to live in Daniels Hall and Sherman Hall. These two halls are home to a mix of graduate students and undergraduate students who are sophomores and above. Rooms in these halls feature semi-private or private baths, and many rooms are singles. Meal plans are optional for residents of Sherman and Daniels Halls, although many residents like the convenience of eating at the dining halls.  
  • Will you need break housing? If you think you will need to live on campus during fall, winter, or spring breaks, please consider selecting FAR, ISR, PAR, or Snyder. These halls remain open over breaks, and you may remain in your own room when you sign a break housing contract.
  • University Housing apartments: If you are a returning U of I student, you are eligible to live in Ashton Woods Apartments. The spacious two-bedroom furnished and unfurnished apartments are close to the College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Law, Demirjian Golf Practice Facility, and the Assembly Hall. This community is a great mix of upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff. Apply online for Ashton Woods


Contact the Housing Information Office. We're happy to help!