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Gretchen Madsen Webb 

Residence Life Librarian

"When I was a little girl my Dad always read to me and I would get so excited each time he came home with a new stack of books. When I was in 3rd grade we read The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery.  It is my Dad's favorite book and it quickly became mine. It's wonderful to read as a child and to reread as an adult as the story has so many layers that you won't fully appreciate until you are older."

Laura Poulosky

Senior Library Specialist

"My favorite book-related childhood memory is spending hours in a walk-in closet reading my favorite series, including the Little House on the Prairie books and various mystery series for kids." 

Crystal Clark

Office Support Specialist

"The book that I remember reading in High School that we talked about in depth was Tom Sawyer. It was very interesting coming from an all-white community and school. I like to read Mystery and Romance books. Sandra Brown is one of my favorite authors whether it is mystery or romance. I want to read more John Green Books. My mom took me, my sister and brother to story time every Tuesday and Saturday at the Monticello Library. They have great children’s programs."

Hannah Axt

Libraries Supervisor (Allen and Illinois Street Residence Halls); Graduate Student, School of Library & Information Science

"One of my favorite library memories from years past was book-themed parties at my local public library (especially the Harry Potter release parties). It was always so amazing to show up and meet other kids who loved the same books as me, and even better with book-themed costumes and snacks! I hope to recreate this excitement and enthusiasm in the Residence Hall Libraries!"

Julia Neal

Library Supervisor (Ikenberry Residence Hall Library); Graduate Student, School of Library & Information Science

"When I was small, my favorite types of books were about dragons, mysteries, and witches, and I would dream about gloomy weather in England and magic spells and breathing fire. Every time it rained, I would gather a blanket and my newest favorite book, and spend hours reading in the play structure in my backyard, smelling the rain and listening to the patter on the makeshift tarp roof. Now that I'm older and I've lived in California during the drought, rain is even more exciting. My favorite stories are still about dragons, mysteries, and witches."

Jillian Coy

Library Supervisor (Florida Avenue Residence Hall Library) and Graduate Assistant for Residence Hall Library Marketing; Graduate Student, School of Library & Information Science

"As a little girl my favorite things to do were eat pizza and read books—not much has changed. My favorites were the Little House on the Prairie and Harry Potter series. I remember going to get each of the last few HP books, back when they released them at midnight, and sitting in my red reading chair, not moving until I had finished the book hours later."