Diwali Dinner

Wednesday, October 18

All dining halls

Come and celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights! This special dinner is presented in collaboration with the Asian American Cultural Center.

Don’t miss out on Halal Lamb Korma and the Grand Dessert Buffet featuring traditional dishes such as Ras Malai, Kheer and Semolina Halwa, Exotic Fruit Displays, and Mango Lassi!

Enjoy performances and activities such as henna in the SDRP lobby starting at 4:45 p.m. Performances include: Illini Ishaara, Ghungroo Dance Company, Noor, and Sivasakthya Mohan. Henna art will also be available at PAR.

Diwali Celebration is one of the most celebrated events around the world. Diwali is celebrated in autumn, and the holiday signifies the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil. The festival activities and rituals typically extend over a five day period. Hindus dress up in their best outfits, light small clay lamps, and participate in prayers to goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of fertility, wealth and prosperity.  Diwali is a major holiday in South Asia, and it is celebrated by 3 million people in the USA.

The Asian American Cultural Center partners with University of Illinois dining in presenting an annual Diwali-themed dinner, which includes traditional South Asian food and desserts, and encourages student groups to perform as well as interact with students about the holiday as well.

Visit the Asian American Cultural Center site for more information on all activities surrounding this year's Diwali celebration. 



  • Halal Lamb Korma (Halal) 
  • Pav Bhaji (Vegetarian) 
  • Tadka Dal (Vegetarian) 
  • Green Bean & Potato Bahji (Vegan)  


  • Vegetable Pakora (Vegan) 
  • Potato & Pea Samosa (Vegan) 
  • Tamarind Chutney (Vegan) 
  • Cilantro Chutney (Vegan) 
  • Tomato Chutney (Vegan) 
  • Green Chili Pickles (Vegan)  
  • Mango Pickles (Vegan)  
  • Plain Yogurt (Vegetarian) 
  • Roti (Vegan) 


  • Semolina Halwa (Vegetarian) 
  •  Kheer (Vegetarian) 
  • Ras Malai (Vegetarian) 
  • Jalebi (Vegetarian) 
  • Fresh Fruit Display (Vegan) 
  • Bombay Snack Mix (Vegan)  


  • Mango Lassi (Vegetarian)