Multicultural Advocates

One of the best parts of the college experience is meeting people from backgrounds and cultures different from your own. In University Housing, our Multicultural Advocates (MAs) are talented student staff who focus on helping you navigate that experience. They plan programs and act as a resource to make our residence halls safe, welcoming, and celebrative environments for all students.

Multicultural Advocates are supervised by the Social Justice and Leadership Education team.

Every hall has an MA. Find yours and read the bios below! Contact us at with questions or for more information. 

Meet the MAs

Viru | Sherman-Daniels

Hi there! If you're reading this, it'll be worthwhile. I'm your MA this year and am excited to be a part of this amazing community! We might not cross paths often, but when we do, please introduce yourself as I'd love to know you better. I will consistently be putting on exciting events and sharing resources, so keep your eyes peeled or get in touch for details! You are also welcome to visit my room - as a student, I'm rarely asleep. 

P.S. I always make time for Tennis or Cars. 


Jacob | Nugent Hall

"Hello": a word that can be recognized from almost every corner of the world. With a student body hailing from 112 different countries across the globe and each person's background different from the next, the University of Illinois is a haven for each person to tell their story inside and outside of the classroom. As your MA, I'm here to facilitate Social Justice dialogue and foster a welcoming and diverse community where we can learn together! Want to know more? Hit my line, message me, or come through Room 3015!

Jarell | Townsend Hall

Welcome to Townsend! We are all here, originating from various paths of life, and possessing many perspectives and beliefs in a variety of areas which makes us unique. It's a beautiful experience to take a part of in a community that helps enrich our knowledge about our differences and to experience new perspectives. As your Multicultural Advocate, I will do my best to challenge you and to guide you to see these perspectives, but also honor them for being a part of our diverse community.

Lety | Barton-Lundgren

As a community of learners, we will value and respect individuality; be analytical thinkers who ask questions and challenge stereotypes; and be advocates of diversity and inclusion. Through dialogues and events on political, cultural and societal issues, we will build community and promote social justice. 

Chigo | Bousfield Hall

Welcome to Bousfield! As your Multicultural Advocate, I will work with your RA's to foster a more conscious and inclusive community. I am currently a Senior studying Community & Global Health. Through my years in college, I have developed a heart for knowledge and social justice! I believe that college provides an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone, grow closer to others, and learn more about yourself. I will drop anything for a conversation about current events and social justice! I look forward to meeting everyone and learning more about you all! Feel free to stop by my room anytime!

Alexis | Babcock-Carr

Welcome to Babcock-Carr! I love talking about current issues and engaging in conversations about social justice. I believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity and space to voice their opinions and create change. Stop by and say hello when you get a chance, my door is always open!


DeViaughn | Snyder Hall

Life is about understanding your surroundings and trying to improve upon them. Everything that you do now, negative or positive, will affect the future in some way, so be aware of the choices you make. It doesn't take much to create a positive environment, and the first step is a smile. So, if you are doing that, then you are on the right track. 

Taylor | Trelease Hall

Hello Trelease! My name is Taylor and I'm your Multicultural Advocate! I aim to educate residents about social identity and social justice. I'm passionate about creating safe spaces for you all to authentically be yourselves here in Trelease. I'm studying Communication and Spanish and am involved with an RSO, Women of Color, and our local radio station. If I'm not in Trelease, you can find me at ACES or in line for a Chai Latte! I'm extremely excited to get to know all of you, so don't hesitate to say Hi!


Michelle | Wassaja Hall

Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m excited to be your MA. I’m a Junior in Social Work, who’s also pre-med. I hope to be able to provide Wassaja Hall with an atmosphere to talk about social justice. I look forward to being able to learn with you all, and spend this year building an inclusive community. Feel free to come by my room if you ever need to talk.

Becky | Hopkins Hall

Welcome to Hopkins! As your MA, I am here to facilitate Social Justice dialogue and programs. I'm also here to be an advocate for you and help you to connect to great campus resources. College presents a great opportunity to be in a space where we can live with and learn from so many different people. Discovering different perspectives can help us to grow as individuals and as a community. I hope we can all work together to make Hopkins feel like home!

Andrew | Taft-Van Doren

I want the residence halls to be a home for our resident friends, regardless of color, gender, sexual preference, background, or anything else. I want these halls to be an accepting, open place where anyone can feel comfortable! 

Derrius | Oglesby Hall

Hello everyone! My name is Derrius Carter and I am the MA for Oglesby Hall! I am currently a Junior in Community Health, interested in how health disparities impact certain marginalized groups. As you can see from my major, I am really passionate about social justice and equality! I hope to meet as many of you as I possibly can! If you see me in the halls, don't be afraid to say "Hi"! And if you want to talk to me, you can always swing by to Room 1123!

Rachel | Allen Hall

Hi Allen Hall! My name is Rachel and I am excited to be your Multicultural Advocate. I'm here to educate residents about social justice through regular programming and individual conversations. I'm a Junior studying Political Science and Gender & Women's Studies, and I'm passionate about social justice education and campus activism. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and growing together as a community. Feel free to drop by my room if you have any questions or just want to talk!

Rayven | Busey-Evans

We're all too diverse for us to pretend that we all go through the same struggles and lifestyles. It's important to acknowledge our differences, no matter how different they may be - and asses not who we are but who we are not to better understand our privileges and struggles to deeper connect with our humanity as people. We should not be a melting pot - but a salad bowl where each individual ingredient brings a new taste to the table. That's the key.

Helena | Wardall Hall

I believe that we should be striving towards equitable conditions for all. We're doing the best we can given all that we have experienced and learned up to this point in our lives and we should be proud of that! Tomorrow we'll add even more to our world - understanding that can tweak, maintain, or drastically alter our thoughts and actions of today. Curiosity is the language of connectivity and in the end, we all strive for the connections that bridge our very personal, unique experiences to those of other people. 

Stephanie | Weston Hall

Hello Weston! My name is Stephanie and I am your Multicultural Advocate. I am here to inform residents on Social Identity and Social Justice topics through different dialogues and programs. I want every resident to feel safe and comfortable within our community and encourage everyone to embrace diversity. Besides being an MA, I'm also a Psychology and Spanish major and a member of the Latino Student Association. I'm very excited to get to know you all and hear your perspectives and opinions. 

Ragini | Scott Hall

The inequities in our society and widespread ignorance may seem insurmountable and even discouraging at times. My philosophy is to never cease to strive to make things better than they are, even while I continue to educate others and myself on the need for social justice. 

Jake | LAR

Hello! I'm Jake, the Multicultural Advocate here at LAR. I'm a Junior in Global Studies & Economics seeking a career in international development work. I love learning about social justice issues and inequities that have shaped communities around the world and I'm excited to learn more here with you all. Over the course of this year, I hope we can empower our community within the residence hall to find its own form in social justice and equity. Anyway, please feel free to stop by my room and talk!

Holiday | Blaisdell-Saunders

We are endowed the right to be equal, therefore we are endowed the right to be different. We are all equal so that everyone is to be appreciated; we are all different so that everyone has a chance to strive for personal uniqueness. We are unique because of the ways in which we are raised; we are unique because of the ways in which we define ourselves. I believe if we all respect and appreciate the differences and uniqueness in each individual's identities, our community will then thrive. 

Social Justice and Leadership Education Team (SJLE)

Jacob Frankovich
Program Director — Supervision of Urbana Multicultural Advocates
(217) 300-4000


Kimberly Hodges
Program Director — Supervision of Champaign Multicultural Advocates
(217) 244-3030


Herb Jones
Assistant Director of Residential Life — Social Justice and Leadership Education
(217) 333-0770


The SJLE office is located at:

Leader Suite, 2081 Student Dining and Residential Programs Building (SDRP)
301 E. Gregory Drive
Champaign IL 61820